Cookie booths

  • There are 2 ways your troop can have a Girl Scout Cookie booth. 
    • Sign up to have a booth at one of our hotspot locations.
    • Use your contacts to set up your own booth at a non-hotspot location. 
  • Girl Scout Cookie booths can be in retail stores, churches, or parking lots where troops have permission to set up a booth to sell Girl Scout cookies in public. 
  • Girl Scout cookie booths build confidence as girls meet people, handle money, and develop responsibility.  Girl Scout cookie booths help girls expand their Girl Scout Cookie Program goals and encourage girls to go beyond friends and family for sales.
  • Girl Scout cookie booths can take place at any non-hotspot location as soon as you have picked up your Girl Scout cookies at delivery until March 14, when the money is due in the bank. 
  • You are welcome to arrange your own booths at location that are not on the hotspot list.  Troops may not contact any hotspot location.  Please refer to the troop training manual for a list of hotspot locations and directions for how to reserve a hotspot location. 
Cookie Locater
  • A cookie booth locator is available.  Customers can put in their location information and find out where booths are located in their area.
  • Troops who upload their troop scheduled cookie booth information into eBudde will automatically be included on the Cookie Locator. 
Cookie Booth Recorder App

Did you know that your troop can download and use the Cookie Booth Recorder App to keep track of your girls’ cookies at a cookie booth? Check out this short video to see how.