Volunteer Awards and Recognition

Example Nomination: Pooja Thakkar

Pooja Thakkar, a dedicated and energized newcomer, deserves recognition for her outstanding contributions to Girl Scouts. Leading a new Daisy troop, she goes above and beyond, planning weekly activities to help the girls earn badges and gain new experiences, often accommodating their requests for additional meetings. Pooja's commitment is evident as she actively participates in every Service Unit meeting, connects with experienced volunteers for guidance, and embraces the role of a county representative. Despite her personal aversion to camping, she is planning a camp experience for her girls to ensure their enjoyment. Pooja focuses on building the girls' confidence, offering to present their first-year experiences to prospective Daisies and encouraging them to try new activities. Her exceptional dedication places the girls at the forefront of her leadership.

Example Nomination: Beth Rosales

Beth has been a tremendous help in developing leadership skills as a troop co-leader. The immeasurable leadership as the cookie manager for the service unit shows our troop and the rest of the unit good leadership skills. Beth co-leads a bilingual troop that encourages the use of culture and language as a symbol of pride. This in turns gives girls courage to be themselves and set an example for the community. Beth has always been a cheerleader, guide, and mentor, while helping Girl Scouts develop essential life skills and build courage, confidence, and character that will last a lifetime.  Beth has been the Cookie Service Unit Manager. BUT she has answered questions far and wide, she is always available, and is very kind to confused leaders/cookie managers. If she doesn't know the answer then she can find the person who does. 

Example Nomination: Amber Abdullah

Watching Amber lead this year's Cookie Rally was truly heartwarming. She orchestrated a delightful cooking experience for the girls, crafting recipes that incorporated a variety of Girl Scout cookies. The girls from Service Unit 614 Decatur Township had the chance to slice strawberries, mix shakes, and test these innovative recipes. Under Amber's guidance, they honed their culinary skills, from dicing to presentation, all while gaining valuable insights into effective cookie sales. Amber consistently provides girls with opportunities to explore new activities at service unit events and within her troops. Her commitment to inclusivity is evident, as she readily welcomes new girls into her troop. Amber's dedication extends to both her role as an Ambassador and her leadership of an active troop of 11 girls at the Islamic School of Plainfield. Her impact is truly commendable.

Example Nomination: Crystal Pryor (Putnam)

Crystal's dedication to our Girl Scout community has been truly remarkable. She went above and beyond, driving over an hour and a half to our monthly service unit meeting to provide training on CheddarUp. Her clear and user-friendly guidance managed to convert several initially resistant volunteers. Thanks to Crystal's efforts, our event chairs now use CheddarUp to effortlessly promote events and collect payments, streamlining a previously chaotic process. Crystal's impact has significantly improved service unit event planning, relieving leaders and SU Teams of unnecessary burdens, allowing them to focus on creating exceptional events. Beyond her contributions with CheddarUp, she has also traveled to SU meetings to discuss and recruit for camp. Her unwavering commitment makes her an exceptional volunteer, and her positive influence cannot be overstated.

Example Nomination: Helen Weber Mcreynolds

Helen is a driving force within our High Adventure Group Outings, certified to lead backpacking expeditions in the great outdoors. Her expertise is invaluable and ignites a passion for experiential learning in girls. She imparts emergency preparedness skills for adventurous journeys and encourages Girl Scouts to handle their meals from start to finish. Over the past year, Helen has led three overnight High Adventure trips, inspiring girls to step out of their comfort zones for weekend adventures at Shades, Chain of Lakes State Park, and Camp Dellwood. These programs have opened doors for our CSA girls to explore new horizons, with participation growing exponentially. Helen's activities empower girls to embrace independence, courage, physical activity, and self-confidence. Her dedication extends to volunteering for Kaleidoscope trainings, Service Unit meetings, and contributing a substantial supply of backpacks to lower the costs for girls attending High Adventure Group's programs. Helen's selfless commitment is enriching the Girl Scouts council-wide, fostering outdoor enthusiasm and personal growth.

Example Nomination: Abbie Wehr

Abbie Wehr, a dedicated day camp volunteer for 5 years, has positively impacted over 1,250 girls from across the council as Camp Dellwood. Her influence extends beyond her local area, attracting volunteers from counties like Wayne, Rush, and Randolph, some traveling more than 2 hours one way to support her. In a critical lifeguard shortage last summer, Abbie went above and beyond, volunteering three times a week to ensure no gaps in pool time scheduling, benefitting an additional 750+ girls council-wide. Abbie's unwavering commitment extends to various leadership roles, including Rush Service Unit Cookie Manager, Service Unit Fall Product Manager, Troop cookie manager, and assisting at the Indy cookie office. Her exceptional customer service, infectious spirit, and boundless energy make her an invaluable asset. Abbie has also served as a service unit manager, council facilitator teaching outdoor skills, air riflery, and archery. Her generosity in sharing time, talents, and treasure is greatly appreciated.

Example Nomination: Shannon Nevins

Shannon excels in creating an empowering environment for girls to lead and learn according to their individual abilities and age levels. Her encouragement pushes girls to step out of their comfort zones safely, promoting the exploration of new experiences, whether successes or setbacks. This mindset extends to adult volunteers, fostering resilience and a willingness to try new things. Shannon emphasizes the importance of sisterhood, promoting kindness and respect among Scouts. Having experienced her dedication as both a youth and adult in Girl Scouts, Shannon's boundless energy and enthusiasm continue to make a significant impact. As a Service Unit Leader, she offers support and resources to leaders, excelling as a Cookie Cupboard Manager during cookie season. Shannon's commitment ensures that Girl Scout events are not only enjoyable but also memorable, making her a delight to work with and an asset to camporees and similar opportunities.

2023 GSCI Outstanding Leaders:


Susan Crisafulli


Talytha Hamilton Collins


Katie Fortier