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Taste the adventure in every bite.

Getting your hands on a delicious box of Girl Scout Cookies is easy using our cookie finder tool. Just put your zip code in and you will see all the places close to home or office where you can find these hardworking entreprenuers. .

Cookies for a Cause

If you are firmly sticking to your New Year's resolutions and would rather share your cookies than consume them, Cookies for a Cause is the perfect way to give. 

Cookies for a Cause, formerly known as Operation: Cookie Drop, is our council’s philanthropic program that runs alongside the Girl Scout Cookie Program. Customers are able to buy packages of cookies and have them be delivered to military members, healthcare providers, first responders, and food pantries. In 2021 more than 65,000 boxes of cookies were donated to military, first responders, healthcare workers, and food pantries.