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Camp Gallahue

Outdoor adventure is your destination when you arrive to Camp Gallahue. With all the fun activities you will be so busy, you'll never want to leave. Learning all the best outdoor skills such as sailing, canoeing, kayaking and even paddle boarding can only be topped by horseback riding and cooking over an open fire and gazing at the stars. Find your spark in the great outdoors at Camp Gallahue.

Camp Brain

Registration for Camp Gallahue begins January 30!

Forms to bring to Camp Gallahue
What to pack when attending Camp Gallahue
Important information for attending Camp Gallahue
Lodging at Camp Gallahue

We are excited to see you at Camp Gallahue! Lodging is scheduled by session and themed unit. Using the chart below will help you know where you will stay. We have included photos of each area so you can check it out in advance and start getting excited about your time here.  We know you will love it! 

We try to stay in the unit posted, but sometimes due to weather or if a unit is not full, we will move the girls to a different unit. You will be told at check-in if there is a change in the unit. For example if we know it will be a rainy week, we try to not have the girls stay in the valley and put the girls in a platform unit.

Gallahue Session Chart 2019


Art Colony 2

Art Colony

Harley's Hill

Harley's Hill



Sleeping in the Valley

Sleeping in the Valley




Village 2



Meet Barb, Camp Director

Going to camp is the best part of summer for me! Even after 11 years as camp director, I still can't chose my favorite part of camp.  I love seeing all the campers each year, and seeing how much they love their counselors and having s'mores anytime I want. I especially like visiting the horses in the morning and chatting with the girls in the corral, and you can't beat the beach in the afternoon. 
My daughters came to camp so I totally understand what a parent goes through sending their daughter off for a week of fun. I always try to make each girl and her family welcome at camp. Thank you for choosing Camp Gallahue!

If you are interested in being on staff at Camp Gallahue, applications are accepted December 1 - May 31. Apply here!