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Summer Camp

Summer Camp 2021 was a great success! Girls were able to go camp and enjoy the great outdoors, go swimming, hike, ride horses, and throw an axe! They made new friends and learned more about themselves than they ever thought possible. 

Families went to camp too! They spent time off the grid and around the campfire. They spent much needed time together. 

We are looking forward to planning new adventures and exciting camp programs for Summer 2022. We hope you plan to join us. 

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Work at Camp

Do you love Girl Scout Camp? You can spend the summer at camp (and get paid for it!) by being a member of our staff! A summer working at camp can be one of the most rewarding experiences. You’ll have the opportunity to work with other staff members from around the country and world. Additionally, you can unplug a little from the modern, technological world while enjoying the beautiful outdoors!

Camp staff applications for summer 2022 will open again soon!