Sycamore Valley resident camp

Resident camp at Sycamore Valley is a camping experience for girls to live in the outdoors for five days. Girls from different troops
and/or groups sign up as individual campers and are placed in units.

To find out more information about resident camp at Sycamore Valley, view the Sycamore Valley section of the camp guide.

Camp sessions are open to all girls entering grades 2-8 in fall 2015. All girls who are registered Girl Scout members may attend. Girls who are no longer active in a troop or have never been members may attend camp by paying a one time fee of $30.* For girls with a chronic illness or disability, a written statement from her physician is required and must indicate the girl can participate in routine activities without harm to herself.

*Includes Girl Scouts of the USA membership fee. Please fill out the girl member registration form in the back of this book along with the camp registration form.