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It’s about the girls!

The focus of adult recognition awards is impact on girls, the council, and the Girl Scout Movement. Adult volunteer recognition award nominations are now being requested. All registered Girl Scout adults who meet award criteria are eligible to be nominated. We encourage nominations from girls, parents, volunteers, and staff. The nomination should be results-oriented, measurable, and include real impact stories. The deadline for council level awards is February 1, and the deadline for service unit level awards is March 1. For questions and assistance contact Meg Booth at 317.924.6839.

Girl Scout Leadership Experience - Three Keys to Leadership and the Fifteen Outcomes

Discover Key Outcomes:
1. Girls develop a strong sense of self (Give specific examples of how nominee has helped develop this.)
2. Girls develop positive values. (Identify specific values and how the nominee helped cultivate these values.)
3. Girls gain practical life skills. (Identify the life skills that were developed and give examples of how these skills will benefit girls.)
4. Girls seek challenges in the world. (Give examples of challenges girls faced and how they handled and/or overcame these challenges.)
5. Girls develop critical thinking. (Identify specific examples and the level of critical thinking that was developed and what the nominee did to help with the development.)

Connect Key Outcomes:
1. Girls develop healthy relationships. (Identify what specific relationships were developed and how the nominee helped with the development.)
2. Girls promote cooperation and team building. (Identify techniques that were used and how this contributed to cooperation and team building.)
3. Girls can resolve conflicts. (Give an example of the types of conflicts the girls resolved and how many girls were affected.)
4. Girls advance diversity in a multicultural world. (Give specific examples of how the nominee helped girls advance diversity.)
5. Girls feel connected to their communities, locally and globally. (Identify ways girls feel connected to their communities.)

Take Action Key Outcomes:
1. Girls can identify community needs. (Identify techniques used to help girls identify community needs and how girls were taught to use these techniques.)
2. Girls are resourceful problem solvers. (Give specific examples of kinds of problems girls solved and how.)
3. Girls advocate for themselves and others, locally and globally. (Give examples of how girls advocated and the impact locally and/or globally.)
4. Girls educate and inspire others to act. (Give examples of how girls educated others and the impact of inspiring other to act.)
5. Girls feel empowered to make a difference in the world. (Identify ways girls are empowered and what differences were made.)

Girl Scout Pathways to Participation

  • Troop
  • Camp (Day Camp or Resident Camp) Events
  • Series
  • Travel