Volunteer application Step 2

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Must be submitted after completing Volunteer Application (Step 1). Important: do not skip this step!

To ensure the safety of all girls, you must complete a Criminal Background Check (CBC). To complete the CBC click on either link below. If experiencing difficulty with the CBC, please contact Asurint at 1.800.906.1674.


I choose to have Girl Scouts of Central Indiana pay for my CBC. The code is volunteer.



I choose to pay for my CBC myself (average cost is $7). An itemized list is available prior to checkout. The code is selfpay.


You will be contacted by a Girl Scouts of Central Indiana representative in the next 14 days regarding your volunteer status.  If after 14 days you have not been notified, do not complete another volunteer application.  Instead please contact Meg Booth at 317.924.6839 or volunteer@girlscoutsindiana.org regarding your status.

Please note: Until you are officially appointed or have received notification from Girl Scouts of Central Indiana, you are not a Girl Scout volunteer.