How to start a troop


Thinking of starting a troop?  Wonderful!  Follow these five steps and you’ll be on your way to helping girls learn leadership skills and have fun. 

  1. Become a volunteer.
    1. Complete a volunteer application
    2. Take Girl Scouting 101 (45 minutes) Password is aboutGS101.  Be sure to include your information and select Central Indiana as your council.
  2. Call or email your Membership Development Manager
    1. To look up your MDM, choose your county/service unit below
    2. Link with directory of service units/counties
    3. Go to an Introduction to GSCI session, either with your MDM or someone from your service unit (45 minutes).  One adult per troop should attend, however co-leaders, and all volunteers are welcome.
    4. Sign a volunteer agreement and submit to MDM or service unit representative.
  3. Connect with your service unit for support and guidance on forming your troop.
    1. Form Your Troop/Group
    2. Complete Troop Basics online (45 minutes)
    3. Receive a troop number from your service unit registrar
    4. Receive and contact potential member information from your MDM or service unit liaison.
    5. Find girls and adults to join your troop.  Check with your service unit to see if there are potential girls waiting to join a troop, if it’s possible to advertise through school newsletter, flyers or other suggestions from your MDM.
    6. Host a parent meeting. Topics for parent meeting include:  when and where to meet, dues, uniforms, ways of communication, parental roles within the troop.
    7. Recruit your volunteer teams, including at least 1 co-leader, product sales representative; treasurer (should be one of the signers on the bank account).  Have all volunteers register as members of Girl Scouts of Central Indiana and complete a volunteer application.
    8. Make plans for your first meeting with girls.
  4. Open Your Bank Account.  Follow the directions in your new leader packet or pg. 26-7 in Intro to GSCI.
  5. Prepare to meet with girls
    1. Complete Leadership Essentials
    2. Register new girls and adults and turn in all registration forms by September 30 or within 10 days of completion.
    3. Complete Grade Level module within 3 months of becoming a leader.
We love our volunteers!

In this section you will find the steps to becoming a volunteer, a complete listing of upcoming sessions, and the resources and information to support your volunteer experience.  Can’t find what you’re looking for?  Contact us at

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