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To ensure quality Girl Scouting, we want to make the best possible match of the volunteer to the position. Although many Girl Scout volunteer jobs work with girls, the council facilitator job involves working with adults throughout a 45 county area. Facilitators must possess sound judgement, the ability to think on their feet, and good communication skills. We need those who can actively engage a diverse audience in the learning process, reaching participants of different learning styles and backgrounds.



Confidential written recommendation form for council facilitators

Applicant's name
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This person has expressed an interest in becoming a volunteer council facilitator, and has given your name for a recommendation. We ask for your thoughtful and honest opinion, as it is the mission of Girl Scouts of Central Indiana to appoint volunteers who will be positive role models for our girl and adult members. Any information you give will be held in confidence. We appreciate and thank you for your input.
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If you have any concerns, contact the Adult Development department at 317.924.6862.

On a scale of 1 to 10, where 1 is "not at all" and 10 is "can confidently teach others how to do this", rate the candidate's skills in each of these areas.
Enjoys working with adults and has a genuine desire to help people feel good about themselves and achieve their desired results.
Thinks quickly and logically with the ability to analyze comments and questions, understand how they relate to the topic, and develop appropriate responses.
Communicates clearly and expressively by making specific, concise points, using appropriate levels of energy to build excitement and enthusiasm.
Practices active listening skills by engaging a participant, listening attentively, and asking probing questions.
Conveys warmth to others by using smiles, praises, and gestures in one-on-one and group interactions.
Treats all individuals in an equal and fair manner, demonstrating pluralism and inclusion.
Demonstrates self-confidence, maturity and sound judgement when working with others, being the person others look to for direction and counsel.
Assumes responsibility for her/his volunteer position, including managing personal time and volunteer time, and a commitment to providing dependable service.
Has a positive attitude towards change, and is willing to keep up with the latest materials and programs.
Has the knowledge and ability to explain Girl Scout policies and procedures.
To your knowledge, is there anything which would lead you NOT to recommend that we palce this candidate as a council facilitator? If so, please explain.
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Do you recommend this candidate as a Girl Scout facilitator?
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