Scouting for Food


Nearly 1 in 8 Hoosiers struggles with food insecurity. Scouting for Food (SFF) is a community service partnership with Krogers, Payless stores, Girl Scouts and Boy Scouts that benefits hundreds of families in our communities in Indiana. Scouting for Food allows Girl Scout troops and their families to help to address the problem of hunger by collecting thousands of pounds of food items that are donated to food pantries, religious organizations and other community organizations who help distribute food to the hungry.

How to Participate

  • Pick up SFF bags and labels

        Bags and labels will be available at all Girl Scout Service Centers beginning February 18.

  • Participate in Kroger Stores

 Girl Scout troops are encouraged to volunteer for in-store promotions at Kroger stores, Saturday, March 19. Troops
will  assist by promoting the sale of pre-packaged bags to customers.  Troops are responsible for contacting the store                    manager in  their community prior to volunteering for in-store promotions.

  • Drop off bags to family, friends and neighbors March 14- April 9.
  • Pick up donations               
  • Donate food items to food pantries in your community

Girl Scouts in Madison County may also participate in SFF at Payless stores in your community May 1-May 28.  Indicate on the SFF label the date you will pick up donation. Pick up donation on the date indicated.

  • Report Results

       By April 16 – Report your results (summary patch order) online and receive a free Scouting for Food patch.
       By June 4- (Girl Scouts in Madison County) report your results (summary patch order) online and receive a free Scouting for Food patch.         

For more information contact Carolyn Payton at 317.924.6830


Scouting for Food Commitment

Our troop participation plan includes:
Street Address
Postal Code
Area Code
Phone Number
Email Address:
Service Unit #:
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Number of Girls:
Number of Adults:
Participating Kroger location: