Fever Fit

Get Fever Fit
The Indiana Fever players must have a healthy balance in their eating and exercise habits to stay in shape and continue playing basketball at the highest level.  We all want to perform at the highest level in whatever we do and living a healthy lifestyle will help you achieve this.  So, the Indiana Fever has created a healthy lifestyle program for all girl scouts to participate in that will give you tips, daily journals and more to make it easier to start living a healthy lifestyle.  

Download your healthy tips sheet and hang it on your mirror, door or somewhere you will often be reminded to live healthy.  Each month download your monthly tracking sheets and each week download your weekly tracking sheet to track eating and exercise habits.  It is very important to list your goals and track your progress with these monthly and weekly journal sheets.  You will find you learn what types of foods help you stay energized throughout the day and which exercises work for your body.

Track your progress during the months of January – April and the first 200 girls to submit a one page paper about what you learned between May 1 and May 31 will be eligible to participate in a special Get Fever Fit fitness clinic for Girl Scouts at a date and time to be determined and a complimentary ticket to a select Fever game.  For your entrance into the clinic and complimentary Fever ticket, please submit your learnings at feverbasketball.com on the Fever Cares Page.