E Council Confidentiality Agreement

Confidentiality Agreement for Volunteer Access to E Council's Membership Module

Each authorized E Council user must be a currently registered Girl Scout member and approved volunteer of Girl Scouts of Central Indiana. E Council access is allowed one account per troop; however, the user does not need to be the troop leader.

By having access to E Council, Girl Scouts of Central Indiana is releasing restricted information for your use in your Girl Scout capacity. Distribution of personal information or addresses for any reason other than Girl Scout business is prohibited. Additionally, member information contained in the E Council database may not be used for any purposes other than that which relates to your volunteer capacity. This includes, but is not limited to contacting members by phone, mail or email. Abuse of this privilege will result in dismissal.

Passwords are created by providing a valid email address. It is your responsibility to protect your password. If you learn that another individual has or may have gained knowledge of your password, contact the council database specialist to change your password.

The following is Girl Scouts of the USA's policy located in the Leader's Digest Blue Book of Basic Documents 2012:

The release and distribution of any Girl Scout membership lists to a Girl Scout Council, or non-Girl Scout entity, or the release of any data or information on Girl Scout members, is prohibited except upon approval by Girl Scouts of the USA. All Girl Scout councils and USA Girl Scouts Overseas locations accessing or electronically transmitting membership information must be in compliance with this security policy and all GSUSA security procedures, policies, and standards as well as all applicable local, state and federal laws.

E Council Confidentiality Agreement

E Council Confidentiality Agreement
I am responsible for the safekeeping of my password and will use member information solely for Girl Scout business. I understand that a violation of this policy can result in the termination of my volunteer position. (Type initials in box.)
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