Choose Fall Product Sales Program to...

Girl Scouts choose to participate in the Fall Product Sales Program because they:
  • Get a head start on funding troop activities. Ten percent of gross sales from both paper and online sales for their troop treasury and $2.00 credit for each girl who sends at least 12 emails.
  • Help their Service Unit earn a gift card that pays for activities such as lock-ins and camporees. Troops who sell at least $100 in product earn ten dollars for their Service Unit treasury.
  • Give back to their community through the Food Pantry Project by collecting money that purchases product delivered directly to local food banks.
  • Earn cool rewards.

  • Begin to learn the five skills of goal setting, decision making, money management, people skills, and business ethics.

  1. ​​Goal Setting:  Discovering what the troop/group; would like to accomplish with funds earned from selling nuts/candy and magazines and making a list of these suggestions.
  2. Decision Making: Taking the list of suggestions and narrowing it down to two or three goals that everyone can agree on.  Discussing these two or three and narrowing the goal to a common one that everyone agrees on. 
  3. Money Management:  Discussing good practices for handling customer payments.
  4. People Skills:  Learning to present yourself in a way that makes your customer want to buy products from you and support your troop and council.
  5. Business Ethics: Learning good business ethics for situations that may arise during the product sale so that the customer is left with a good impression of you and the Girl Scouts.

Credit card information

Fall Product Program

For more information about the Girl Scout Cookie Program, please contact a member of the Product Sales Team.

Girl Scout Cookie Hotline: 877.474.2249

Ellen Winking: 317.924.6817

Denise Rogerson: 317.924.6812

Ashley Pasch: 317.924.6832

Tai Dorsey: 317.924.6815

Taylor Clark: 317.924.6826

Helpful resources

QSP customer service for magazine order questions: 800.678.2673

Online program problems hotline: 877.305.4146

Website for entering troop orders:

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