Safety and selling tips

Safety Tips
  • Always use the buddy system, never sell alone.
  • Girl Scout Daisies, Brownies and Juniors must always be accompanied by an adult.
  • Girl Scout Cadettes, Seniors and Ambassadors must be supervised by an adult.
  • Only sell in areas of your neighborhood you are familiar with and only to friends and family.
  • Never carry large amounts of cash with you.  Girl Scout Daisies should let adults accept all money.
  • Never enter someone’s home when you are taking orders.
  • Never sell to people in cars or in other areas away from public access.
  •  Girls (or adults) cannot sell product on the internet.  This is a council and GSUSA rule to protect the safety of girls and the integrity of the product.  Girls can use e-mail and social media to let family and friends know about the activity and to market product.  Girls can also use the online program to reach out to friends and family for magazine orders.
Selling Tips
  • Be prepared—it is helpful to know all the different varieties of the products that you are selling.
  • Practice making suggestions—are there any healthy options?  Can you make recommendations if someone has nut allergies?
  • Make sure you are aware of sale dates, delivery dates and that money must be collected when the customer order is taken.
  • Prepare a list of friends and family who you would like to contact about the sale. Remember people who have made purchases in the past!
  • Include a photo of yourself on all email solicitation!  Girls who use a "selfie" average higher sales!
  • Identify yourself by wearing your uniform sash or vest and/or membership pin or Girl Scout clothing when taking orders or selling.
  • Identify your Girl Scout troop/group, your troop/group goal, and your personal goal for the program.
  • Always be polite—say, “Thank you” regardless if you make a sale.
  • Have fun and smile

Credit card information

Fall Product Program

For more information about the Girl Scout Cookie Program, please contact a member of the Product Sales Team.

Girl Scout Cookie Hotline: 877.474.2249

Ellen Winking: 317.924.6817

Denise Rogerson: 317.924.6812

Ashley Pasch: 317.924.6832

Tai Dorsey: 317.924.6815


Helpful resources

QSP customer service for magazine order questions: 800.678.2673

Online program problems hotline: 877.305.4146

Website for entering troop orders:

List of magazines and codes