Fall Product Sales Program dates

Training for Service Unit Fall Product Sales Managers 

August 22-Columbus, Bloomington, Kokomo
August 24-Terre Haute, Richmond
August 25-Daleville
August 26-Lafayette
August 27-Indianapolis

Fall Product Sales Calendar

Before September 30 - Materials distributed to troops
Until October 16 - Girls take orders

  • October 19 - Deadline for girl orders to troop
  • October 19 - Troop orders due in computer by 11:59 p.m.
  • October 20- Money due in bank
  • October 20-11:59 p.m. Nut-E locked to Troops
  • October 21 - Troop paperwork due to service unit fall product sale manager. Manager will check paperwork, data entries, and orders, organizing them to turn into service center.
  • October 21-24 - Service Unit reviews and proofs troop orders.
  • October 24 - Service Units turn troop orders into any service center.
  • November 10-13 - Product delivered to service units and is distributed to troops.
  • By November 13 - Incentives delivered to address specified by Service Unit fall product sales manager.
  • December 1 - All products delivered to customers before this date.
  • TBD - Troop overpayments of $25 or less will be credited to their cookie account. Troop overpayments of $25 or more will receive a refund check directly to the troop.

Credit card information

Fall Product Program

For more information about the Girl Scout Cookie Program, please contact a member of the Product Sales Team.

Girl Scout Cookie Hotline: 877.474.2249

Ellen Winking: 317.924.6817

Denise Rogerson: 317.924.6812

Ashley Pasch: 317.924.6832

Tai Dorsey: 317.924.6815

Taylor Clark: 317.924.6826

Helpful resources

QSP customer service for magazine order questions: 800.678.2673

Online program problems hotline: 877.305.4146

Website for entering troop orders: ashdonfarmsnute.com

List of magazines and codes