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Congratulations to our newest alum! The Class of 2021!

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Alum Network

Welcome to the Girl Scouts of Central Indiana Alum Network - a collection of amazing women who are continuing their Girl Scout journey beyond their youth and throughout their lives. Once a Girl Scout, always a Girl Scout!

Join your alum sisters as we connect, and reconnect, with other phenomenal women, cultivating our lifelong friendships, creating networking opportunities and demonstrating our commitment to helping the current crop of girls to embrace the Girl Scout leadership experience that we know works.

The Girl Scouts of Central Indiana Alum Network is led by your peers - other alum volunteering their time to not only embrace the adult Girl Scout experience, but also to ensure the Alum Network is engaging in various ways - from sharing time, talents, treasure and friendships. In fact, we want to hear from you. Above all, we are sharing ideas to grow and cultivate our group, so all are welcome, and encouraged to join us!

Connect with Us!
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To learn more, simply email us.
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Connect with our National Alum Association!
Become connected with our National Girl Scout Alum Association and find your former Girl Scout council.

If you'd like to give your time as a volunteer, please visit our volunteer site. You can always support the ongoing mission of Girl Scouts with a financial gift.

To learn more about ways to connect with the Girl Scout of Central Indiana Alum Network, contact Laura Baltz at 317.924.6800.