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Once a Girl Scout, Always a Girl Scout

Since 1912, women everywhere have been positively influenced, even transformed, by their Girl Scout experience. Today, the group of Girl Scout alumnae is 59 million strong, and growing every day. These women are forever connected by their experiences, values, and love of Girl Scouting.

As one of these 59 million alumnae, you personally remember how transforming Girl Scout programs are in a girl’s life. Remember, as a Girl Scout, making your community a better place? Girl Scouts today are following in your footsteps, continuing to make the world better for all of us.

Thank you for your ongoing dedication to Girl Scouts!

Read on to learn all the different ways you can reconnect with Girl Scouts! if you'd like to give your time as a volunteer, please visit our volunteer site. You can always support the ongoing mission of Girl Scouts with a financial gift.

Connect with Us!
It's easy to reestablish your former Girl Scout connections, no matter where or when you were involved in Girl Scouting. Fill out this form, and get connected with Girl Scouts of Central Indiana today!


Connect with our National Alumnae Association!
Become connected with our National Girl Scout Alumnae Asociation and find your former Girl Scout council.


Connect with Scout Abouts!
Try a new adventure and find fellowship, education and volunteer opportunities with Scout Abouts, an association of dedicated adults who continue to further the mission of Girl Scouting. 

Scout Abouts is open to any adult who is dedicated to looking for more adult interaction, fun and adventure. Scout Abouts can participate as full time or episodic volunteers on many levels including being financial donors to council.

Learn more about Scout Abouts today!