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We Love our Alum

Whether you were a Girl Scout in central Indiana or someplace far away, we are so happy to have you in our council area.

Girl Scouts of Central Indiana is a great place to reconnect with the Girl Scout mission, connect with old friends or make new, dedicate time to volunteering with the council on special projects as an episodic volunteer, and maybe even take an adventure or two with fellow alum.

There are two alum initiatives in central Indiana. The Alum Network and the Scout Abouts, you can read more about each below. We look forward to connecting and seeing you soon.

Alum Network: The Girl Scouts of Central Indiana Alum Network is led by your peers - other alum volunteering their time to not only embrace the adult Girl Scout experience, but also to ensure the Alum Network is engaging in various ways. We are always looking for new ways to have fun together, so come join us!

Each year we share our time, talents, treasures, and friendships with each other and with the Girl Scouts in central Indiana. The activities we organize include some fun, some giving back and some adventure. This network is free to join and will provide you opportunities to give back to the mission you love so much in many ways.

How to join the central Indiana Alum Network:
Complete our interest form and sign up TODAY!  
To learn more, simply email us. To get connected, join our Alum Network Facebook group

To learn more about ways to connect with the Girl Scout of Central Indiana Alum Network, contact Meg Booth at 317.924.6800.

Scout abouts 2022

Scout Abouts: Scout Abouts enjoy: educational speakers, volunteering for the council, a weekend campout, short and long trips, visiting new places to learn and explore and enjoying fun and friendship together! Our mission is “Adults helping adults to help girls.”  Membership in Scout Abouts is $20.00 annually.

More information may be found on the Scout Abouts website at or by calling the council office at 317.924.6800.


ICYMI: Travel Experiences for Adults are Available Now!

Adult travel

Did you hear the news? We’ve partnered with Club Adventures, a AAA-owned adventure tour operator, to design small-group vacation packages for alums and supporters. Wherever we are in the world, we’ve baked the Girl Scout experiences right in, from friendship circles in the Swiss Alps to toasting with s’mores in the Sahara Desert. You can come alone … or invite your former troop mates or camp buddies to join the fun! 

Learn more