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Be a Field Biologist - Virtual

Thu Feb 09, 6:00 PM - 7:00 PM EST
Juniors, Cadettes

Supplies: Waterbird ID guides for all participants 

Description: Be a Field Biologist is an engaging and interactive virtual program for scouts in upper elementary and middle school. In this program led by staff from the International Crane Foundation, scouts will learn about the supplies and skills needed to study wild cranes in Indiana, and they will put those skills to the test through a virtual “day in the field”. For the interactive portion of the program, scouts will need a pencil and paper to record their field observations, such as the number of cranes they observed, the habitats they are in, and the identity of the cranes from their colored leg bands. Scouts enrolled in this class will be sent a large waterbird identification guide to help them get started with spotting wild cranes in Indiana following the program.