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Junior Geocaching Badge Lab

Wed Jun 01, 12:00 AM - Thu Jun 30, 11:59 AM EST
STEM, Outdoor

No Girls Left Inside in June & July!

Juniors can earn their Geocaching badge at home or at a nearby neighborhood or park! This is your chance to be part global explorer, part detective. You'll search for treasure chests, known as "geocaches," using your smart phone. Start your adventure by watching YouTube videos led by GSCI Council Staff, then use the suggested materials in the digital guide to complete each requirement. Price includes access to a google classroom with each step, additional information, and suggested materials and a badge that will be mailed directly to you! 

You may register for this badge lab before June, but the link to the classroom and badge will not be distributed until the month of June.

Important: Once registered, please forward your reciept to Jory at and she will send you the classroom link as soon as possible. Thank you!

Contact e-mail: