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Girl Scouts are makers, do-ers, and entrepreneurs. Troops raise money through hard work and great ideas. Much of the money raised helps to make their local communities better. Girls from troop 3556 of Battleground made graduation gowns for babies at IU Health NICU. The adorable cap and gowns were hand cut, stitched and sewn by troop 3556. They got the wonderful idea from their troop leader , Amy Corbett, a NICU nurse at IU Health Arnett Hospital. Amy also worked with the IU Health Foundation to help continue funding materials for the caps and gowns for our future graduates.  

Check out the graduation video and more footage of this awesome projet here! Hats off to Amy and her troop for making the world a better place! 


Troops share their experiences...

Our troop worked Winterlights this year for the first time and loved it! We even met several former Girl Scouts who shared stories about their adventures and fundraising when they were younger. My girls are 7th & 8th graders this year and they LOVE these fundraising events! Thank you so much for the opportunity... we plan to see you again next year!
Troop 442


Kaitlyn worked at Newfields last year and proudly wears her Newfield pin. She has told many people about Newfields and helped spread the enthusiasm for working there. She has worked four nights this year. Kaitlyn is working at Newfields to earn funds for her silver award project. Her project will help children in the foster care system. As part of her project - she is learning how to sew so she can make "care bags". These are cloth bags the size of a pillow case and require a quantity of cotton fabric in kid friendly prints. She wants to thank Newfields for giving her the opportunity to reach her goal.

Newfields 3

The girls enjoyed sharing the Christmas spirit with others as they assisted patrons, took their their pictures under the toy tree and sold s'mores all while raising money for our troop. Currently we are saving money to go to Orlando for the Girl Scout convention in Orlando in Fall of 2020. Our troop got a taste of convention in Columbus last year and have continued to talk about it since. We have several girls who want to be delegates for Girl Scouts of Central Indiana. Our goal is to send the entire troop for the week. In addition to Orlando we have more short term plans. We will be taking a first aid course this spring and a camping trip this summer as we work to towards the senior outdoor journey.
Troop 2141

Troop Travels

Girls in NYC

Troop 1805 out of Ft. Ben service unit ventured to the Big Apple to Girl Scout headquarters They even made new Girl Scout friends, like trrop leader Liz from UK in this photo..They were able to visit the World Trade Center, attend a fall out boy concert on Good morning America, Central Park, Paterson great falls, Bryant Park (where ghostbusters was filmed), and go on a boat tour of the Statue of Liberty. They enjoyed the city but are ready to head home!


On behalf of Troop 1898 we would like to extend our appreciation to Girl Scouts of Central Indiana and the GSCI Grant Committee in supporting our recent backpacking trip!

This month Girl Scout Troop 1898 took an adventurous 10 day backpacking trip out west. We flew out on July 6 then traveled over 2000 miles, visited five (5) National Parks; Grand Canyon-quick stop at Hoover Dam-Death Valley-Yosemite-Kings Canyon-Sequoia, and hiked over thirty (30) miles!

At each location we were approached by many young girls eager to tell us they were a Girl Scout. These moments turned into a photo request and conversations about our trip. Our Troop realized that yes, this was a trip that would bring lasting memories but we were also inspiring young Girl Scouts we came into contact with-this was truly an amazing realization.

This trip strengthened our bond and provided many learning opportunities. Yes, we took the road less traveled; we are a lot stronger than we realized and saw amazing beauty beyond our comprehension. 


We encourage troops to send their photos and videos to share all the amazing activities going on with our members. We would love to highlight your program participation, community service and other activities on social media, in council news and other publications.

All submissions should be sent to the brand department. Please remember all girls involved in submissions must have parental consent. While some pictures speak for themselves, feel free to share additional information about the activity or project, troop number and location.