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Girl Scouts for Schools

Thank you for being a great partner to Girl Scouts of Central Indiana. We appreciate you and your understanding that there are many success factors that can be attributed to girls' participation in the Girl Scout Leadership Experience. Further, thank you for understanding the importance of providing Girl Scout access to communicate and recruit girls in your school.

We are fully aware and appreciate that under the COVID environment, that while you may wish to comply with the intent of SB 398 which would have allowed for in person Girl Scout recruitment in each school site in Indiana, that opportunity is likely impossible for 2020. 

However, we hope that you will help us by attempting to achieve the spirit of Senate Bill 398. To that end we would like to provide you an opportunity to give us your desired timing for our Girl Scout organization to provide communication for your students that does not require any personal access.


We are grateful for your support and realize that the next steps in providing support for Girl Scouts and observance of SB398 will likely be a very local decision. Please help us understand your local context by answering the following quick questions on our information form

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