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Lead Your Own Adventure

Girl Scouts are known to thrive even during difficult times. The last few months have certainly been a little rough, being away from friends, family, and all the activities we love. But it's time to get out and enjoy the great outdoors! 

Summer will still be amazing with these awesome opportunities. Whether you pick a daily virtual challenge, or choose a family adventure, you can certainly Lead Your Own Adventure this summer with Girl Scouts.


A little rain didn't stop this LYOA crew from fishing, exploring,  and even cooking their own meal. Looks like fun! Start making your plans today to make this summer amazing!

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New from GSUSA 
Virtual outdoor initiatives for summer inlcude the Camp Adventures Marketplace, new activities on Girl Scouts at Home   and back by popular demand, the Girl Scouts Love the Outdoors Challenge!

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Lead Your Own Adventure Days for Family and Troops

Troops can sign up for Lead Your Own Adventure Days for Troops at Camp Gallahue, Camp Dellwood, Camp Sycamore Valley, Camp Ada, and Camp Na Wa Kwa.

Each troop will be able to participate independently from other troops, and can enjoy their own planned activities or purchase Girl Scout Lead Your Own Adventure activity bags to use while at camp. Troops can bring and enjoy a campfire meal (if troop camp certified) or cold meal if not certified.

Fee: $10 per troop. Limit 20 girls and adults. If you have more girls, divide the troop in half, and reserve two slots to ensure troops have enough room for social distancing.

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Troop, Family and DOC Friends Overnight Camping

Troops and families may make reservations to enjoy overnight camping, with each group camping in a unique campsite – no sharing of units. Family and Troop Overnight Camping at Camp Gallahue, Camp Sycamore Valley, Camp NaWaKwa.

Fee per group:
· Primitive (bring our own tent) - $50 weekend
· Platform tent unit - $100 weekend
· Building - $125 weekend

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*Lead Your Own Adventure activity bag sold separately

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Lead your Own Adventure Activity Bag
Participants who would rather have guided fun can reserve and purchase a Girl Scout Lead Your Own Adventure activity bag prior to your day at camp, and then receive it upon arrival. Several options will be available, including but not limited to various guided hikes, games, outdoor activities, and nature crafts. The one-time use activity bags will include interactive fun for participants of all ages. Fees: $13 for two people, $25 for four people, $30 for five people, $35 for six people

Check out these great adventure bag options


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Virtual Fun Challenges

Weekly video challenges will be posted Monday-Friday tied to STEM, life skills, outdoor adventure, physical fitness, and entrepreneurship will be added to our website starting in June and continue for the summer. No special supplies are needed, and girls can participate at their own pace and at the time of their choosing. Fee: Free

Check out today's challenge! 

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Are you up for a challenge? Complete six virtual daily challenges and you have earned your @Home Challenge patch for purchase in the Girl Scout shop. Purchase online, at the Indianapolis shop, or via curbside at our other locations.

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Live-Stream Virtual Outdoor / STEM Activities

Led by Girl Scout staff, these hands-on activities are accompanied by a supply list to get girls interacting with both the outdoors / STEM and each other. The materials needed may be items you have at home, and if not, an order opportunity will be available for home delivery well in advance of the live-stream session. Fee: Free 
Save the dates:  June 13 & June 27, July 11 & July 25, August 8 & August 22
More info including registration coming soon! 


For further information check out the FAQ's below or contact Diana Keely or customer care

FAQ's - Lead Your Own Adventure

Q. What will be provided on site at camp properties by council staff and what should my family or troop be prepared to bring?

To ensure safety for all families and troops, no buildings will be unlocked or available. We will have outdoor latrines available along with appropriate washing stations. You can bring a sack lunch to enjoy while you are at camp for the day, and we will provide disposable tablecloths for the picnic tables.
While at camp you can enjoy hiking, fishing if you choose Camp Gallahue or Camp NaWaKwa, birding, stream stomping, and enjoyment of nature. There will be no activities open during this time, for example: no archery, no zip lining, no climbing wall, no pool, and so forth.
Families should bring sanitizer, disinfectant wipes, masks if you wish, and activities such as board games, charades, guitar and songs, etc.

Q. What areas of camp will be open?

There will be no buildings available. You will have access to trails and outdoor pavilions. If you are only coming for the day, we will request that you bring a cold lunch. If you are reserving a weekend overnight, you will have access to a fire bowl and fire wood to prepare your meals.

Q. Will the Lead Your Own Adventure bags be tailored to each camp, or are they generic? In other words, if I plan to visit all 5 camps, should I plan to purchase bags at each?
Each camp will offer 2-5 different bag options. Each camp will have separate kits.

Q. Can you purchase the bags to use at home?
The bags must be picked up at camp.

Q. Are the adventure bags badge specific?
There will be different options. Once you register your family for the day usage you will then see the selection of kits available per camp.

Q. Are there multiple different bags to purchase?
Each camp will offer 2-5 bag options

Q. Are the adventure bags badge specific?
There will be different options. Once you register your family for the day usage you will then see the selection of kits available per camp. Some of the bags will be badge specific.