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COVID - 19 Important Updates and Frequently Asked Questions

To protect our girls, families, volunteers, and staff, our offices and shops are closed to work remotely through April 20. Below are answers to some of the most frequently asked questions. We update this page as the situation changes. If you have a question, please email our helpdesk or use the chat function on our website home page

We are providing additional state and national resources for helpful information for you and your family. 

State of Indiana
We will share other local resources as they become available. Please remember that information is changing rapidly, so always follow up-to-date local, state, and federal safety guidelines.

Presentación virtual sobre el COVID 19 (coronavirus): Parte 1 Qué es el coronavirus, Información de salud y recursos educativos en Indiana central.

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Center for Disease Control

World Health Organization

Why are we doing this?

The safety and well-being of girls, their families, our volunteers, and staff are of paramount importance to all of us. While what health officials know about COVID-19 (coronavirus) continues to develop, we do know that verified cases in the state of Indiana have been increasing. As such, Girl Scouts of Central Indiana has been planning and taking actions regarding the potential impact of this virus on our operations.

As a safety precaution, we are preventing large group meetings in areas where girls and volunteers are using our facilities. Mission critical business will continue as planned, but certain tools such as conference calls and webinars will be deployed to help minimize any risk of exposure.

What about my troop meetings / service unit meetings?

Based on WHO and CDC guidance, and bearing in mind official guidance around social distancing all troop and service unit meetings should be canceled until further notice.

What about Girl Scout facility use?

Based on WHO and CDC guidance, and bearing in mind official guidance around social distancing, we have canceled our Girl Scouts of Central Indiana facility rentals through May 8. The program team will send communications to those impacted and refund any necessary fees.

If you have reserved the use of our facilities, you will receive priority rescheduling once we are operating business as usual.

What about council sponsored program events?

All Girl Scouts of Central Indiana sponsored program activities have been canceled through May 8, which is in alignment with CDC recommendations to limit gatherings. The program team will send communications to those impacted and refund any necessary fees.

What about the 2020 Cookie Program?

As you may have heard, we canceled cookie booths on Sunday, March 15, and troops are no longer selling via cookie booths this year. However, we have extended Digital Cookie and friends and family sales through March 31 and the troop payment deadline to April 3.

We are creating an opportunity for business partners and community members to sponsor the cookie inventory that we will be buying back from troops. This will not include a physical collection of remaining inventory at the end of March, but rather a funding of remaining inventory to provide troops 100% of their proceeds, while giving them the opportunity to determine who to donate the cookies to locally, either first responders, health care workers or local food pantries. More info is located here.

Travel Guidance

Girl Travel
As of Thursday, March 19, the U.S. Department of State has classified any travel outside of the U.S. as “Level 4 – Do Not Travel” GSUSA recommends that:
• All troop/group international travel planned for the next 90 days is immediately rescheduled or cancelled
• All troop/group domestic travel planned for the next 60 days is immediately rescheduled or cancelled
• Reach out to your affected groups immediately to provide them with guidance on making their postponement or cancellation decisions and troops/groups who have planned extended travel for the remainder of the Membership year to discuss their contingency plans.