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Troop Insurance

Mutual of Omaha – Girl Scout Accident Insurance

There are 4 plans of Girl Scout insurance available through Mutual of Omaha. After completion of the form, troops should pay for the insurance at any of the council offices. The forms should be sent to the Girl Scout Program Department, where it will be signed off and sent to Mutual of Omaha.
If there is an accident of any kind, the Claims Form must be completed, and sent to the Girl Scout Finance Department. Council will validate it, and send it on to Mutual of Omaha. All Service Centers and camp properties have hard copies of the Claims Form.

Complete descriptions can be found in the Mutual of Omaha Council Insurance Guide.

Activity Accident Insurance – Basic Coverage
This plan provides basic accident protection for every registered girl and adult Girl Scout member. All members are automatically covered upon Girl Scout registration and payment of dues. Provides Accident Protection for: Every girl and adult member of your troop for any approved, supervised activity of the Girl Scouts, except activities lasting more than two consecutive nights (a third night is covered only for any official federal holiday, such as Memorial or Labor Day). Also covers travel directly to and from the covered activities.
The Basic Coverage insurance pays the first $130 of medical bills, and then the member’s personal insurance picks up the remainder, to the insurance cap. See the Basic Coverage Plan for complete details.

Plan 2 – Non-Member Insurance and Basic Accident Coverage for Trips Non-Member Coverage
This plan provides basic accident protection for non-members during a Girl Scout activity they are participating in. For example, it would cover a Tagalong unit of non-Girl Scout siblings (girls under age 5 and boys of any age) in a Day Camp unit, because they are participating in the camp program.

Basic Accident Coverage for Trips – This plan continues the basic accident coverage for both members and non-members on any trip lasting 3 nights or longer. This plan (or optional plans 3E or 3PI) is required coverage for any trip lasting 3 nights or longer. It covers an accident only, and will not cover medical costs if a member gets sick on the trip and needs medical assistance.

Plan 2 (Optional accident insurance for GS activities and events)

Plan 3E  – Accident and Sickness Coverage for Trips
Plans 3E is the most widely used of the Optional Plans due to the flexibility.
• The plan covers both members and nonmembers as participants with completion of a single enrollment form
• The plan provide sickness coverage, as well as accident coverage.

Plan 3E - only pays for the first $135 of the sickness or accident, and then the member’s personal insurance picks up. Additional expenses not covered by personal insurance may be covered, up to the cap.

Plan 3E - (Optional accident and sickness insurance for GS activities or events)

PLAN 3PI Accident and Sickness Insurance - For International Trips
Plan 3PI is a comprehensive travel insurance package combining accident and sickness insurance with emergency travel assistance service. Plan 3PI includes essentially the same coverage found in Plan 3P (for events lasting more than 2 nights and not covered under the Basic Plan 1), but with a Travel Assistance Service “safety net” feature added. Should a medical or other emergency occur while abroad or if there are concerns before making a trip abroad, the Council or troop volunteer is a free telephone call away from mobilizing resources to provide their “hands on” assistance.
Plan 3PI and full description of International support