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New Troop Leaders

Let's Get Started! 

Share in the fun and excitement as a Girl Scout troop leader! Troop leaders work with other volunteers to help girls learn new skills, explore new adventures, make new friends and create lasting memories they will never forget...and neither will you!

New this year, the New Leader News! This monthly publication will help you with all the details to get your troop started and keep you going through the year. 


Here are the simple steps to help you move forward to becoming a Girl Scout troop leader.


Complete the registration and background check process.


Complete your required trainings: Intro to GSCI and attend New Leader Workshop within four weeks of becoming a volunteer. 


Meet with your membership manager, receive your New Leader Passport, and sign the annual volunteer agreement


Explore the Volunteer Toolkit.


Get support-hold a parent meeting, attend your local leader meeting, We're here to help!


When your troop has funds or by December, follow these instructions to open your troop bank account. Complete the Troop Banking Form to notify Girl Scouts of Central Indiana that you are planning to set up a bank account. 

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Managing Finances

How to open a bank account
Financial and bank account policies and procedures
Money Matters online training

Health and Safety
Troop Leader Resources