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We're so glad you're ready to join Girl Scouts!

Before you continue, here are some quick tips to make the registration process as smooth as possible:

Registration Form
Complete the form found when you click the green "Continue" button below. After you complete the information, that will take you to the Girl Opportunity Catalog where you can find a troop. 

Finding a Troop
Once you are in the girl opportunity catalog, you can search for troops in your area of find a specific troop. (Hint: make sure to remove the zip code when typing in a specific troop number.)
If you are unsureof which troop to pick, choose "Unsure" and a staff member will be in touch to help you find the right troop. If you can't find the specific troop you are looking for, choose "Unsure" and type in the troop number and troop leader's name in the pop-up box. 
Before paying for your membership, please note: Once a membership is purchased, it does not stay with our local council and therefore is non-refundable.



Stopping within the Registration Process
If at any point you stop with the registration process before purchasing your Girl Scout membership, a staff member will be in touch shortly to answer your questioins or provide you with more information. 

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Call 855.472.4648 or email customer care and we will be happy to help! 

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