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It's a new school year and that always brings an exciting Girl Scout year! With the guidance and support of volunteers, Girl Scouts can go as far as their imaginations will take them. COVID-19 and social distancing have created some new challenges, so we're redefining what our traditional troop meetings and activities look like. We want to provide volunteers with the tools and resources needed to support a fun Girl Scout experience so you can make troop decisions for when to meet in person, virtually, or a hybrid of both.

We know meeting in person with Girl Scouts is a differentiator, especially when schools, sports, and activities may not be meeting. Please consider what you can safely provide for your troop, because they need Girl Scouts for a social, emotional, and fun experience.
We are something they can count on!

Take a few minutes to check out the all new Back to Girl Scouts Fall 2020 Magazine! It's full of fall fun and will help lead you through all the upcoming activities. 


Meetings – Girl Scouts feel connected when they meet regularly with their troop. If possible, host at least one meeting in person per month. The second meeting can be virtual or an outing. Consider your troop dynamics. Some girls and parents may not feel comfortable returning to in-person meetings quite yet. Work to include all girls virtually and in person.

Hosting a parent/caregiver meeting – To kick off the year, all troops should host a family meeting – in person or virtually. Have everyone share their comfort level of meeting in person vs. virtually. Just as you do every year, state expectations up front. Work with all families to make your space as inclusive as possible.

We have included many helpful tools below to assist in planning this meeting .

Troop agenda for first meeting with families

Meeting location
Transportation to and from meetings
Snacks, water bottles, etc.
No high fives and hugs
What events and activities do we want to do?
Create a troop agreement to follow guidelines for safe gatherings
Financial report from last year
How families can volunteer and help (parent/caregiver form)


Troop Leader Resources

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Meeting in Person 

When your troop is ready to resume your traditional meetings, we are here to help. The Volunteer Toolkit provides helpful information for in-person meetings. The GSCI calendar is continually being updated with new activities, and amazing community partner events. Check out these guidelines to keep girls safe while having your in-person troop experiences.

Before Troop Meetings

Anyone with a fever of 100 degrees or any other COVID-19 symptom cannot attend.

Weather permitting, seek an outdoor meeting space.
No carpooling.
Girls should limit items brought from home. Items should not be shared and need to remain in girl’s backpack.

During Troop Meetings

Wash hands when arriving and before leaving.
No touch rule. No friendship squeeze, high fives, handshakes, or other physical contact.
No shared water coolers or drink stations.
Serve only prepackaged food; gloves should be worn when serving food.
If someone displays symptoms during the meeting, immediately isolate and seek medical care.
Record attendance at every meeting of everyone who is there. Include date, and beginning and end time (hint: Volunteer Toolkit can help you with this!)

All participants should wear a mask when not actively participating in physical activities unless outside and unable to social distance #MaskUpGirlScouts.

After Troop Meetings

Sanitize all surfaces, tools, and equipment before and after use.
If an attendee tests positive for COVID-19, leader must contact volunteer services. 

Communicate regularly with families about current conditions and plans for next meeting
Continue to assess troop family’s willingness to meet in person


Meeting Virtually

This year the Volunteer Toolkit has adapted meeting plans at the Daisy and Brownie level for virtual troop meetings. More content is continually being added to assist all troop leaders. 

Virtual Troop Meetings FAQs & Tips

Meeting virtually
Check out this great Virtual Meeting Playbook with tips and activities for all grade levels.

Meeting plan options
Volunteer Toolkit- whether you’re meeting in person, virtually, or creating a hybrid approach to use this fall, the Volunteer Toolkit has preplanned meetings to help you have a great year with lots of fun. Leaders have multiple choices for activities within the Volunteer Toolkit and more are being added this fall.

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Girl Scouts At Home 
Some may feel more comfortable exploring Girl Scouts At Home. Each month this fall we are offering online activities for girls to continue to earn badges. In addition, GSUSA also has some incredible virtual activities for leaders and girls.

New Badge Activity SamplerNew badges equal new ways for girls to change the world. 

This year, Girl Scouts is introducing 24 new badges to inspire the next generation of strong female leaders. Whether she’s interested in entrepreneurship, automotive engineering, STEM careers, or civics, every girl is invited to sample these new badge activities or tune in for one of several special events—and show the world her courage, confidence, and character as she makes the world a better place.

How GSCI Can Help

Girl Scouts of Central Indiana wants to help you have a great Girl Scout year. Through the Back to Troop form you can:

  • Request help finding a meeting location
  • Request financial assistance for meeting space fees (average one meeting/month)
  • Request a Zoom license at $3/month
Back To Troop
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Don't forget to be Girl Scout smart and stay six feet apart! #MaskupGirlScouts