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You've Got Skills

Tue Jun 09, 12:00 AM - 11:45 PM
Program Life Skills

Continuing to learn new things is important! There are probably many things that you have never tried before.

This week every girl has the same challenge, depending on your age level, these skills may be more or less advanced, involved, or complicated. My challenge for you has two parts. Part 1 is to learn two new skills and record them by taking picture or a video your new skill! Part 2 is to learn 10 new words to describe your emotions. According to Mental Health America, there are 3000 words to describe emotions in the English language. Children who are taught about emotions for 20-30 minutes a week see improvements in their behaviors and academic performances.

Some ideas include knot tie, sewing, crocheting, use a kitchen appliance, help with a construction or home project (measuring, leveling, hammering, etc.), build something from scratch (using wood, hammer, nails, etc.), help with baking or cooking (measuring, mixing, pouring), using a kitchen appliance (oven, stove, blender, food processor, fryer, etc.), care for and grow a succulent or plant, car maintenance, a new sport, a new art form, or a new instrument!

We'd love to see what you've created. Submit a photo or video of you learning your new skills here! 

There are no specific materials needed for this challenge. Use things around your house or, with the help of an adult, use the internet to learn about some new skills! Check out the video where Jory describes this new challenge. Also, be sure to check out Girl Scouts of Central Indiana YouTube Channel here to see if you can learn a new skill while earning a badge at home!