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Trail Hiking Challenge

Fri Jun 19, 12:00 AM - 11:45 PM
Program Life Skills

Your challenge is to go trail hiking/walking/jogging/running! Watch this video for ideas! Being quarantined, we’re most likely on our phones, watching tv, playing video games, and aren’t getting our daily dose of nature that we should. This challenge is a great family activity where you can take a picnic, try your hand at packing out for a backpacking trip, get some good exercise in, and make it whatever kind of experience you’d like! Using precautions for COVID-19 of course, make sure you stay away from other families and avoid overcrowded parks. Wash hands before eating and after your visit to the park. HAVE FUN!

Materials List
Water bottle w/ cold water
Running/Hiking Shoes w/ good socks

Backpack w/ supplies
Water shoes for creek walking 

We'd love to see you in action! Use this link to submit a photo.
Want to use this challenge to complete some badge requirements? See below!
Use this trail hike/jog/run/walk to complete these badges:

• Buddy Camper
• Daisy Trail Adventure
• Brownie Trail Adventure
• Eco Friend
• Hiker
• Outdoor Adventurer
• Eco Camper
• Geocacher
• Junior Trail Adventure
• Cadette Trail Adventure
• Cadette Eco Trekker
• Trailblazing
• Senior Trail Adventure
• Ambassador Trail Adventure
• Survival Camper
• Ultimate Recreation Challenge