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Summer Adventure - Stop Action Animation

Mon Jun 08, 12:00 AM - 11:45 PM
Program STEM

Lights, camera, action! For this week's STEM Challenge let's get creative and unlock some of the magic in movies. Watch this video to discover a little about a special type of film called stop motion animation. Then it'll be your turn to get creative and make your own summer-themed stop motion video. Create a story, background, characters, and props for your movie.

We'd love to see what you've created. Use this link to send us a photo and give us more info about your project. 

Material List

A device with a camera like a smartphone or a tablet
Tripod (or some way to help steady your camera)
Stop motion animation app
(recommendations: Stop Motion Studio and Stikbot Studio 2.0)

Additional materials to tell your story: You can consider using figures to be your characters or make your own out of paper or clay. Create drawing to be used as backdrops or use toys and household items as set pieces. Use your imagination to tell your story.

While both the apps recommended are free downloads, remember it is best to get your adult's permission before downloading a new app.