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Make a Kite Challenge

Wed Jun 03, 12:00 AM - 11:45 PM
Program Outdoors

Let’s Make and Fly a Kite! Watch this video to see how.

Daisies and Brownies have an adult or older sibling help you make and fly the kite in the video.

Juniors can you make the kite in the video on your own? (For safety, have adult help when you need to cut/break your wooden sticks)

Cadettes, Seniors, and Ambassadors make and fly a kite not shown in the video. For an extra challenge, make and fly a kite not shaped like a diamond. (Get adult permission to repurpose materials or use sharp items)

We'd love to see what you've created. Use this link to send us a photo and give us more info about your project.

Materials List

2 thin sticks OR 2 small wooden dowels/skewers/chopsticks
Plastic Bag
Kite Template 
OR Paper and Ruler to make Kite Template
Optional: needle OR whole punch (can use scissors)

Optional to Decorate Kite:
Markers that will work on plastic bags
Thin paper (tissue paper for example) and tape/glue
Colored tape or washi tape

Optional for other kite designs: