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Leave It Better Than You Found It Challenge

Wed Jul 01, 12:00 AM - 11:45 PM

Let’s Get Outdoors! Your challenge this week is to take a walk around your neighborhood or a park. While you walk, pick up trash to leave the area better than you found it. Watch this video to see how.

Get permission to walk in your neighborhood or a park. Take a family member or some buddies you are social distancing with.

Collect trash along your walk. Use gloves. Be careful of sharp items! For example, be careful of broken glass. Younger girls do not pick up sharp items unless you have a grabber tool, or an adult to pick it up for you. If you pick up sharp items, have a bucket or other container. Do not use only a garbage bag for sharp items.

Goals! Pick up at least this number of items per age level:

Daisies and Brownies: 5 items
Juniors: 10 items
Cadettes: 15 items
Seniors and Ambassadors: 20 items

We'd love to see pictures of your Leave It Better Than You Found It Challenge. Use this link to send us a photo and give us more info about your challenge.

Materials List

Trash Bag
Gloves (plastic, gardening, etc.)
Optional: Container for sharp items (bucket, coffee tin, etc.)
Optional: Grabber

Need additional supplies? Check the Amazon List.