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Healthy Living Challenge: Yoga

Fri Jun 12, 12:00 AM - 11:45 PM

Your challenge is to complete a yoga session! This goes great with last week's Healthy Living challenge of meditation, so if you haven’t seen it, pair it with some yoga! The development of yoga can be traced back to over 5,000 years ago and the rich history of it can be divided into four main periods of innovation, practice, and development. With yoga, the are many different benefits that can come from the practice. Bodily tension disappears, the nervous system and emotions become calm, and there is a sense of renewal in the body, the mind, and the spirit. There are many reasons for people to turn to yoga, try it out and see if you can find one you like!

Material List

Water bottle w/ cold water

Yoga mat (optional)

Wear comfy clothes that you can move around in (leggings, shorts, tee shirt, etc)

A place big enough for you to move around

Tv/computer/phone to watch video

Daisies, Brownies, and Juniors: Get on your comfy moving clothes and get ready to learn some yoga! Follow along with this yogi to see what it’s like to join in on an over 5,000-year tradition.
Cadettes, Seniors, and Ambassadors: Whether you’ve done yoga before or have never once thought about trying it, yoga can help with a lot of health problems and you’ll start noticing flexibility changes in no time. Follow along with this yogi and think about making it a part of your daily routine!

We'd love to see you in action! Use this link to submit a photo.

Want to use this challenge to complete some badge requirements? See below!

Junior: Just like last week’s Healthy Living challenge, you can use this challenge to help you complete the Staying Fit badge! In this badge, you have the option to use Yoga for Step 1: Start Moving or Step 3: Know How to Stress Less. For step 1, you can do yoga for option 3 during a tv show you like. This will get you moving and get your energy levels up instead of just laying around while watching tv! Look up some simple yoga moves that you can remember to do during the show. For step 3, you can choose the third option to create a stress-free zone which you can use to do yoga in.

Senior: You can use this challenge to help you complete step 3 – focus on techniques to help you stay emotionally healthy – in the Women’s Health badge! In this step, you can achieve option 3 – explore a psychological topic. It might not seem like it fits with this option, but when you dive deeper in a topic you’re interested in, you’ll find that a lot of sources say that yoga can help with a lot of these disorders. Do some research on how yoga can assist in relieving some of the symptoms of the topic you chose.