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Girl Scouts Daily Virtual Challenge - Dinner Special

Tue Jul 07, 12:00 AM - 11:45 PM

This challenge is less about making the dinner and more about planning it!

Daisies, Brownies, Juniors: Invite your family to have a dinner together! Pick the time, set a dress code, and do what you can to help with the dinner – especially setting the table. With an adult, do some research and find out how to properly set a table for dinner! Then, think of 10 things to talk about at dinner (or conversation starters). Don’t forget your manners and help clean up afterwards!

Cadettes, Seniors, Ambassadors: Host a formal dinner night! You can choose a theme or go classic. Create a menu for the night and encourage your family to dress in their fanciest clothing or set a specific dress code! Set the table using proper table etiquette and an appropriate number of dishes and silverware. Take pictures of your night! Remember – you do not have to do all the cooking! Maybe everyone in the family oversees making one course… and don’t forget to help clean up afterwards!

We'd love to see what you've created. Use this link to submit your work.

If you want to use this challenge to help complete some badge work:

Daisy: Work on your Friendly and Helpful petal by helping to set the table for dinner.

Brownie: Complete step 2 and 4 of the My Family Story badge. Complete part of step 4 of the My Great Day badge by choosing “Be a family grocery helper.”

Junior: Complete step 5 of the Simple Meals badge. For the Social Butterfly badge, complete step 1 by choosing “Practice conversation starters” and step 2 by choosing “Set the table.” Complete step 5 of the Staying Fit badge by choosing “Have a ‘slow food’ dinner” or “Have a family check-in night.”

Cadette: For the New Cuisines badge, complete step 1 by choosing “Cook something from an area of the world you’re curious about” or “Let a particular ingredient be your tour guide,” complete step 2, and 3 by choosing any option, step 4 by choosing “Choose a veggie protein and find a recipe that features it” or “Try a recipe for a special diet,” and step 5 by choosing “Host a ‘new cuisine’ party.”

Senior: For the Locavore badge, complete step 3 by choosing any option, step 4 by choosing “Make a recipe local” or step 5 by choosing “Prepare a three-course meal” or “Cook a dish starring something from scratch.”

Ambassador: For the Dinner party badge, complete step 1 by choosing “Build a menu around your favorite ingredient,” step 2 and 4 by choosing any option, and step 5 by choosing “Decorate according to your menu theme” or “Celebrate a special occasion.”