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Bean Bag Toss

Wed Jun 24, 12:00 AM - 11:45 PM
Program Outdoors

Let’s Get Outdoors! Your challenge is to play a bean bag toss game. Watch this video to see how.

If you already have cornhole or another bean bag toss game, this challenge will be easier for you. I challenge you to set up your game and invite family to play your game outside with you for at least 30 minutes. I encourage you to think of a new rule to change up the game (for example, this round we have to throw from between our legs or hop while we throw).

If you do not already have a game. Set up goals to toss at using chalk on a sidewalk or driveway (safe from cars!). Or use large plates or bowls to make targets and label them with different point values. For example, if I have 5 bowls, I might label them 20, 40, 60, 80, and 100 points, with 20 being closest to me and 100 being farthest away. Each round you can throw your bean bags and count points for that round only, OR you can decide on a number and play until someone hits that number. You decide the rules.


No bean bags? You can sew some using fabric and corn or beans.
No sewing machine? Try hot gluing felt around a plastic bag. Or cutting and tying old socks around dried beans, lentils, corn, rice, etc.
See the materials list for links to instructions.

We'd love to see you playing your bean bag toss game. Use this link to send us a photo and give us more info about your game.

Materials List

Bean Bag Toss Game (target and bean bags)
Make your own target options:
Bowls or Plates with paper and tape to label point values
If they are paper plates, you can write the point value on the plate. (you may need to weight down paper plates)
Terracotta plant saucers work great
Chalk and a safe space to play that is chalkable

• Make your own bean bags:
o Sewing Machine:
o Hot Glue:
o Tie old socks:

If you need to purchase items, you should find what you need with this Amazon list