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Backyard Angry Birds

Wed Jun 17, 12:00 AM - 11:45 PM

Let’s Get Outdoors! Your challenge is to build a fortress that you can knock down. Can you build it in different ways? How many throws did it take you to knock it down? Rebuild it. Can you knock it down in fewer throws?

If you are an Angry Birds fan, you know that the goal of the game is to slingshot birds into the pig fortress. You are trying to knock down as many pigs as you can with as few birds as you can.

For this activity, you can choose to decorate your materials as pigs, birds, and a fortress OR just build up a fortress and challenge yourself to knock it down with as few balls as possible. Watch this fun video to get started! 

We'd love to see your Angry Birds or Fortress setup! And to see you knock it down! Use this link to send us a photo and give us more info about your project.

Materials List
Fortress: Empty cardboard boxes, shoe boxes, (and optionally empty cans)
Consider asking a store for their boxes if you do not have enough.
Birds: Balls OR stuffed animals that can get dirty (particularly heavier or bean bottom stuffed animals)
Pigs: Playground balls OR balloons OR plastic buckets OR empty cans OR empty plastic containers OR stuffed animals that can get dirty
Optional: circular lids or mason jar rings to keep balloons or balls in place until knocked over.
Optional: materials to decorate fortress, pigs, and birds
Markers, paint, etc.
Face template/ Printouts:
Optional: Slingshot/Launcher
Water Balloon Launcher
Make your own:
Stretchy material like exercise resistance bands or old stretchy clothes to cut
You may need cloth to make a center holding area, especially if using an exercise stretch cord or similar
2 attachment points (poles/trees) for the launcher or 2 people to hold each end