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All About GERMS

Fri Jul 10, 12:00 AM - 11:45 PM

Your challenge today is a little different than normal. With everything going on, we’re going to learn more about GERMS! Staying healthy is knowing how to keep yourself healthy. Germs are little microorganisms that are living inside of our bodies, on door handles, in the air, and all over. Not all germs are bad, so we need to know how to protect ourselves from the bad ones and keep our good germs healthy! Check out this video for inspiration. 

• Internet
• Different fruits and veggies
• Food ingredients for whatever you want to make (chicken, salad mix, etc)
• Basic kitchen appliances

Daisies & Brownies: See how soap keeps you clean by doing this activity!


• Plate
• Black Pepper
• Dish soap
• Water

1. Add water to a paper plate and then add black pepper (germs) to the water.
2. Touch the water with your finger. Nothing happens, right?
3. Add dish soap to your finger and then try it again. What happens now that you have soap on your finger? The germs move away! To keep germs away, always wash your hands WITH SOAP after you use the restroom, before you eat, after you play outside, or when you are around sick people.

Juniors & Cadettes: See what washing your hands vs not washing your hands can do with this activity. This activity takes 5-7 days to see results. DON’T wash your hands right away before doing this activity!

• 3 sandwich baggies
• 3 pieces of fresh bread
• Permanent marker
• Tongs

1. Label the first bag “Control”, the second bag “Clean Hands”, and the third bag “Dirty Hands”.
2. Use tongs to put a piece of bread into the “Control” baggie. Don’t touch it with your hands!
3. Before washing your hands, touch a new piece of bread all over. Make sure to really wipe your hands on the bread (without breaking it a part). Put that piece of bread into the “Dirty Hands” baggie.
4. Wash your hands for at least 20 seconds with soap. Make sure to get in between your fingers, get your nails well, and lather the soap! Afterwards, touch the third piece of bread the same way you did in step 2. Put the piece of bread in the baggie labeled “Clean Hands”.
5. Predict what you think will happen to each bag. Observe each bag every day for 5-7 days. Don’t open the bags but see if anything changes.
6. If you washed your hands well, you should see the controlled and the clean hands to be relatively clean and the dirty hands bread should be starting to get moldy and gross. What does this mean? Germs spread so easily and washing your hands can help to stop the spread of bad germs!

Cadettes, Seniors, and Ambassadors: There are many types of germs – bacteria, viruses, fungi, and protozoa. Check out this site to see the differences between the different types of germs. Choose a type of germ and look up pictures of what they look like. Now it’s time to create! Choose whatever you are most creative with – food, sewing, crafts, clay, etc - to create a germ of your choosing.

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