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What's Your Story? (Oct 5)

Sat Oct 05, 3:30 PM - 5:00 PM EST
Daleville Service Center Map
Wed Aug 07, 9:00 AM - Sun Sep 22, 9:00 AM EST
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Program event
Program Activities, Program Badge Earning, Program Life Skills
Ambassador, Senior
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Writing a novel lets you dream a world how you desire it to be.  As you write descriptions and dialogue, invent situations, and make up characters, you'll experience the joy in an writer's career.  And you'll end up with something creative to share with college admissions! Learn the skills and put them into practice in this badge workshop as you start writing a work of fiction.  The Novelist badge is handed out at the program.

Register for Nature Inspired Art to earn your Outdoor Art badge and make it a fun badge day with friends!