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Tools for Cookie Program Success


Girl Scout Cookie Program Resources

Want to know about all the benefits of selling Girl Scout Cookies? Looking for a one-stop shop with the latest safety guidelines, information on earning the Cookie Entrepreneur Family pin, and tips for parents and volunteers working with Girl Scout Cookie professionals? 

Welcome to the 2020 Quick Bites Resources Page! Here you can find all you need to know to run a successful cookie program with your troop! Use the drop down tabs below to locate more in-depth information about each facet of the program.

If you need additional assistance, please call our customer care line at 317.924.6800.

ACH Withdrawal

 ACH (Automated Clearing House) is the only way for Troops to pay their cookie bill!
This requires a checking account. Be sure to add/verify your bank routing and account number to eBudde on the settings tab when you first set up eBudde.
Neglecting to enter your troop’s banking information may result in a freeze on cookie pickups until the information is entered or other arrangements are made.

Deadline for entering banking info is January 10.

Payment Schedule:

HEADER                         ACH DATE                       AMOUNT
                                           JAN 15                            PENNY PULL
FEB 20                               FEB 21                            $2/INITIAL ORDER PACKAGES
MARCH 12                       MARCH 13                       50%
APRIL  2                           APRIL 3                           100%


Check out this training video


Cookie booths allow girls an opportunity to reach their goal and make a difference in their community! Troops use their extra cookies or pick up more from the cookie cupboard. Customers are reached through booth locations set up in front of high traffic locations in the community. A Girl Scout Cookie booth is not just a "booth", it's the troop's storefront for their business and one of the best ways girls learn people skills through the program.

There are two types of booths - hot spots and non-hot spots. Hot spot locations are set up by council and should never be contacted by the troop. Non-hot spot locations are set up by the troop leader.

The below list of locations are Council Hot Spot Locations and should NOT be contact:

Baesler's Market (Terre Haute, Linton)
Castleton Square (Indianapolis)
Circle Center Mall (Indianapolis)
Dunkin' Donuts (all locations)
Fair Oaks Mall (Columbus)
First Financial (all locations)
Greenwood Park Mall (Indianapolis)
Hamilton Town Center (Noblesville)
IGA (all locations)
Jiffy Lube (Stop 11 location)
JoAnn Fabrics (all locations)
Kroger (all locations)
Lafayette Square Mall (Indianapolis)
Lowe's Home Improvement (locations)
Rural King
Sam's Club (all locations)
Tippecanoe Mall (Lafayette)
Walmart/Walmart Neighborhood Markets (all locations)



Booth Sign-up times can be found on the calendar in your Troop Quick Bites Manual. They are as follows:


For more information check out the Cookie Booth training.

Cookie Manager Benefits and Responsibilities

Benefits of participating:

By participating in the annual Girl Scout Cookie Program, not only do girls learn the 5 skills, they also support their troop and council.
Funds earned help:
• Provide financial assistance to girls who would otherwise not have a Girl Scout Experience
• Provide amazing programs with affordable fees
• Provide staff for support to members
• Maintain council properties such as camps

Troop cookie manage responsibilities

The troop cookie manager is responsible for:
• Registered as troop cookie manager role in the ‘myGS’ profile
• Completing the troop cookie manager agreement for every troop they serve in that role
• Confirms that girls who participate are registered members of GSUSA
• Holding a caregiver meeting
• Communicating with parents and offering programmatic support through the cookie program
• for all Troop cookies entrusted to you for inventory, distribution, sale, collection, accounting, and deposit
• Teaching the girls the 5 skills and helping them practice the skills throughout the cookie program
• Ensuring receipts are signed EVERY time cookies or money exchange hands with a parent or another leader. This includes cookies and money for personal orders and booths.
• Ordering and distributing girls’ rewards before the end of May
• Informing parents that High end rewards (600+) must be picked up from the service center they selected in eBudde by September 1st or they will be forfeited. *Troop volunteers can pick up high end rewards with a note from the parent/guardian. Individual picking up rewards must show ID.
• Financially responsible for the cookies received and money collected. All money collected from the cookie program must be deposited into the troop bank account, including the payment due to Council and the troop's proceeds

Family Responsibilities

Each family is responsible for:
• All cookies orders and signed for their Girl Scout(s)
• All funds collected from customers for the purchase of cookies. Families must turn in all payments to the troop cookie manager by set deadlines
• Making certain they receive a receipt EVERY time cookies or money changes hands
• Picking up their Girl Scout’s rewards from the leader (or in some cases, their nearest service center) in a timely manner.

Credit Cards

Girl Scouts of Central Indiana is proud to partner with First Financial Bank to provide credit card readers to troops. With these credit card readers:

• Troops will get credit for their credit card transactions on their eBudde statement. Allow up to 7 days for these transactions to appear.

• Our council will absorb all credit card fees incurred by using the Vital Mobile card reader system

• Troops have a helpful tool to reach their cookie program goals even faster by utilizing technology.

Initial Setup and FAQ for Troops Using the Vital Mobile App and Bluetooth Card Reader

BY PHONE: 1-800-224-9730

Locate your Device # before calling support. The space above is provided for you to write your device number down for quick reference in the future. The device number is located on the back of your device.


Important things to know:
• Start early! Do not wait until your first cookie booth weekend to download the app and set up your account!
• Your troop is provided one credit card reader for free. The cost to replace a lost credit card reader is $30.

To Order Additional Card Readers for your Troop:
• Cost: $30
• Cost will be charged to your Troop E-Budde Account
• Contact Elaine Gill 
• Send your name and troop number with the # of
additional readers you would like.
• Expected Delivery Time: 2-4 Business Days


For additional information check out the Credit Card Acceptance Guide.


Cupboards are locations for troops to check out more cookies as needed. They are run in council offices and in volunteer homes across the council. Important things to keep in mind:

- You can pick-up additional cookies in packages or cases
- Damages are traded in for like variety ONLY
- You will need your eBudde username and password
- Cupboard orders that have been placed, but not picked up within three days of the scheduled pick up date/time may be removed

Please utilize the below schedule for knowing when to order to ensure your stock is available:

cupboard_signup_dates (4)

For cupboard locations and hours please pull the cupboard report in eBudde.

For more information on how to utilize the cupboards check out the cupboard training.

Digital Cookie

Digital Cookie helps girls boost their cookies sales as they go beyond the cookie booth with mobile and online channels. This platform is safe, fun, and an educational tool that helps girls run and manage their cookie business online.

This platform is an amazing learning experience for every girl. Through it, she has access to even more tools that teach her about marketing, budgeting, resource allocation, and other critical business skills—encouraging and guiding her as she makes her way to cookie boss success.

Volunteers will receive an email from council with a link to gain access to digital cookie once they are trained and uploaded to eBudde. Parents/Girls will receive their email from council to gain access December 16, 2019.

DOCSHIP - Digital Cookie orders that are shipped directly to the customer
DOCDON - Orders that are being donated (such as Operation Cookie Drop)
DOCINHAND - Girl took a credit card payment in hand through the DOC App.
DOCDLVR:DOC - These are cookies that will need to credited to the girl

For more information on Digital Cookie check out the digital cookie training coming soon!


Holding a Caregiver Meeting

Caregiver meeting

*A flyer will be mailed to all caregivers in January*

Caregiver meeting sample agenda

As a Troop Cookie Manager, it is critical to work with Troop Leadership to schedule a caregiver (mother, father, grandma, grandpa, guardian, etc.) meeting to explain the Girl Scout Cookie Program and recruit help meeting prior to the start of the cookie program.

Below is a basic agenda for the meeting that should take between 30 minutes to one hour.

Troop Cookie Manager and Leadership meeting prep

• Watch online cookie training
• Discuss a caregiver meeting date, time, and location, reserve the location, and communicate the caregiver meeting information to families
• Discuss potential troop package goals and activities with the girls
• Give cookie program deadline and contact information to families
• Prepare a schedule of deadlines and activities to give caregivers at the meeting and post on any communication methods your troop uses

Meeting agenda

• Discuss the 5 Skills girl practice during the cookie program and communicate the predetermined troop goal
• Explain deadlines and caregiver expectations, both programmatically and financially
• Tell parents that there is a short, fun video for them that will highlight key points. You could play it for them/and or tell them where to find it on our GSCI website.
• Provide a Girl Order Card to each caregiver
• Review any badges, patches, and/or pins the troop is planning to earn throughout the program, including participation in a cookie rally, cookie program, or booth sales.
• Inform families about Digital Cookie. Discuss the email primary caregivers will receive to sign up and the benefits to participation in the cookie program.
• Review the 8 cookie varieties including the gluten-free Toffee-Tastic, and non GMO S’mores as well as cost ($5/package)
• Be direct regarding rules and business ethics. This includes: no selling before January 8, no returning cookies, no money collection prior to delivery, your deadlines, debt consequences, and safety. If a girl takes and order, she must fulfill that order in a timely manner after receiving cookies or communicate a delay to the customer. Remind seller to collect contact info from each customer on the order card
• Thank families and encourage girls by explaining to them that they are now participating in the largest girl-run business in the world! Ask for volunteer support throughout the Girl Scout Cookie Program.

Divorced/separated caregivers or multiple caregivers

• Provide each caregiver with a separate Girl Order Card for when a Girl Scout sells cookies while in their custody.
• Each caregiver picks up ordered cookies separately and received separate receipts.
• Ensure that you have complete contact information (name, address, phone, and email) for all parents. This will be needed in the event of non-payment

Past Due Cookie Accounts (Debt)

 Girl Rewards

Girl rewards are cumulative, meaning a girl receives a reward at each level she sold to. For instance, if a girl sells to 300 packages would choose the items she wants at the 75, 125, 180, 225, and 300 levels.

Check out the order card!



The Shoe That Grows (Philanthropic Option)

Want to make a difference for kids like you? The Shoe That Grows is an opportunity to do just that! This philanthropic reward is part of the cumulative reward structure-meaning that you can mix and match donating shoes and picking a reward at different levels. Every girl who chooses this option, at least once in their rewards, will receive a special patch!

shoe that fits

Last year, Girl Scouts in our Council donated 525 pairs of shoes! Your support helped the children at the Hope School protect their feet as they walk 5 miles to and from school. This year, the shoe that grows will donate the shoes to children in other parts of Kenya, Africa. The shoes expand so the children can use them for at least 5 years! Cool huh? To learn more, go to!

Check out where the shoes donated from Central Indiana Girl Scouts went last year in this video!

For more information about this reward check out the philanthopic reward flyer



NEW THIS Year! Digital Cookie Rewards!


Troops that have 80% of their registered girls send 15 emails will receive a $1 voucher to redeem for a ticket per girl and two adults for a Cincinnati Reds game! That’s right! See a Red’s game for $1!

thumps up patch

Any girl who sells 24+ packages in Digital Cookie will receive this Cookie Techie patch!


Girl who sell 60+ packages in Digital Cookie will receive this SOAR travel bank!




Troop Initial Order Reward

Your troop can WOW the World and earn an initial order wagon! Order 125% of 2019 initial order to qualify.

Troop Per Girl Average Rewards


Troop T-shirt

• Troops that qualify for the 190+ per selling girl average will receive t-shirts for every selling girl in their troop and two adult t-shirts
• If the troop qualifies for the troop shirts, additional adult shirts may be purchased for $15 each.

Choose your adventure
• Troops that average 250+ packages per selling girl will earn tickets to a museum, sporting event, or zoo! Every selling girl will receive a ticket, and volunteers will also receive tickets according to GSUSA guidelines for girl/adult ratios (please see below). Choses will be available under rewards in eBudde. The troop must agree on one.
• Partners will be announced in late January!

Membership dues
• Troops that reach 400+ per selling girl average will earn membership dues paid for every selling girl and two adults of the troop’s choice!


Cookie vip

Troop Cookie Manager and Leader Reward

Girl Scout Cookie VIP Club 2020
• For every troop that averages 300+ per selling girl, the Troop Cookie Manager and Leader will each receive a reward and be a part of the Cookie VIP Club!!
• Choice between a specially designed Cookie VIP Club shirt OR $20 Council Gift Card
• Only two adults reward per troop


High end reward pickup information

Cookie Dough

• Council credit has gone viral! A parent of each girl who chooses cookie dough will receive and email at the end of the cookie program with information on how to access her virtual card and the balance she has available to spend. This email will come in early May. Please help us by making sure that the email addresses for each family are correct in our membership database “MYGS”/Volunteer Toolkit.

Theme park tickets
• All theme park tickets earned will be available for pick up at the service center chosen in eBudde on the rewards tab. Tickets will be ready for pick up by mid-May. Watch for an eBudde blast in May for when tickets are available for pick up

High End Rewards (600+ and above)
• All high end items will be available for pick up at the service center chosen in eBudde on the rewards tab by mid-May. Watch for an eBudde blast in May for when tickets are available for pick up
• Deadline to pickup is September 1, 2020 or the reward(s) is forfeited.

2000+ Opt Out Trips

Me and My Girl
Destination: Mackinac Island
Travel dates: June 8-12, 2020
Any Girl Scout who sells 2000+ packages or more qualifies for this trip!
Stay on the Island and learn about historic Mackinac. Have the option to visit places like the largest porch in the US and Fort Holmes. Bike your way around the Island. Stop at Binder park Zoo on the way there and visit the Michigan Women’s Historic center and Hall of Fame on the way back.
Any girl who picks this trip must bring one adult, female, registered Girl Scout of her choice as her chaperone.
Mandatory meeting: May 2nd, 2020
*Note: not attending the meeting will result in forfeiting the reward.

Disney Experience
Destination: Disney World
Travel dates: July 13-19, 2020
Any Girl Scout who sells 2000+ packages or more qualifies for this trip!
On this trip, girls will experience the wonderful world of Disney by engaging in Youth Educational Series programs through the week! They will learn about teamwork and have either a STEM or Animal related experience depending on their age.
Any Girl Scout who sells 2000+ packages and is going into the 6th grade in the fall of 2020 qualifies for this trip!
Mandatory meeting: May 2nd, 2020
*Note: not attending the meeting will result in forfeiting the reward.

Starting Inventory Order (Initial Order) and Delivery

Starting Inventory (Initial Order) drop down

Your initial order is due by Jan 8, 2020 by 11:59 p.m. Once you are uploaded to eBudde this tab is unlocked so you may place your order at any time.

We encourage to use our Starting Inventory Tool before placing your order to get a gauge of what to order.

Things to keep in mind:

o   Your Starting Inventory should be estimated to cover girl orders and at least 2 weekends of booth

o   Cupboards will open Feb 3-13 in a rolling fashion (see cupboard drop down for more information). This means you will want to have cookies available for the first couple of weekends if you plan to participate in Mystery Door weekends OR non-hot spot booths

o   If you find you are nearing the beginning of March and have more inventory than you are comfortable with post them on the Exchange Tab in eBudde (see Exchange Tab drip down under resources), call your Service Unit Cookie Manager, or Council at 317.924.6800. All three places help assist you in finding troops who need cookies!


Wagon (002)

Any troop who orders 125% of their 2019 Initial Order total will earn this foldable wagon to help with booths and door to door sales!!

For a step by step tutorial on how to enter your initial order check out our training video! <link it in>

Delivery Drop Down

Delivery Dates are January 22-26, 2020

Cookie delivery is how you will pick up your Starting Inventory Order (Initial Order).

Please see the schedule below for locations and dates:

















Terre Haute




Indy West



Indy West



West Lafayette





Gas City









After your Starting Inventory(Initial Order) is submitted eBudde will prompt you to pick a location to pickup. You can chose any location, but be aware they each tie to a date and time!

When you arrive at delivery please be sure to bring the appropriate size and number of vehicles, this can be found on your delivery confirmation from eBudde. You can view or print this from the Delivery Tab

Your vehicle should be:

o   Cleaned out – no shopping bags, stowed items, etc.

o   No passengers in the back seats

If you need to have items or children in the vehicle with you please know that estimated vehicle size provided by eBudde will be incorrect.

What to expect the day of delivery:

o   Upon arrival a volunteer will check you in, provide your delivery sheet to you, and a wagon if you earned that as a reward

o   The volunteer will pull you up into a line (our sites range from one to three lines)

o   When it is your turn to receive your cookies you MUST get out and count them

o   If the warehouse staff are moving too fast or you lose count please feel free to stop them, unload if necessary, and count again

o   You are RESPONSIBLE for these cookies and paying the bill. Be sure you know the count and sign ONLY when you are certain you have received all of your product

SHORT or OVER at Delivery

If you leave delivery and find you are short or over please return to the delivery site if it is still operating. If it is no longer operating call us at Customer Care immediately at 317.924.6800.


See your training video for more information on how to book a delivery site. 

Training Videos

Mandatory Training
Please choose the appropriate mandatory training based on your level of experience with being a troop Cookie Manager. Cookie Rookies are considered troop Cookie Managers with less than three years of experience in the Cookie Program.

Cookie Rookie
Experienced Cookie Manager 


Cookie season readiness tools
In light of recent marketplace competition with Boy Scouts, cookie customers and the general public are likely to ask: Why Girl Scouts? Prepare your troops to nail their response!

Cookie Season Readiness Sheet

The Case for Girl Scouts Adult Cookie Messaging

Cookie Messaging for Girls


Tools for Cookie Program Success

Little Brownie Bakers 
Want to make this cookie season the best one yet? Check out some of the fun activities and materials for girls from our partners at Little Brownie Bakers.
Need materials to make your booth the best booth ever? Download posters, banners, name tags, receipts, thank-you cards, and more at 





Girl Scouts of the USA's Cookie Resources Page 
Here you'll find handouts, posters, videos, and other materials to help you have fun and stay safe as you build your cookie business.