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Fall Product Program

What is the Fall Product Program?

Go Beyond and Soar Above! The 2018 Fall Product Program combines program activities with money earning opportunities for troops. The program also provides an important ingredient for leadership by helping girls develop these five skills:

• Goal Setting
• Decision Making
• Money Management
• People Skills
• Business Ethics


Fall Product Program is fun and easy! 

Troop Proceeds

• Troops will keep 10% in proceeds plus girl rewards.
• Service units will earn a bonus of $10 for every girl in the service unit who participates over last year’s 2017 girl participation numbers up to $150.
• Troop Bonus- Troops who have a combined sales of $1500 will earn the following to help with your 2019 Cookie Program:
o A messenger bag
o A Girl Scout tablecloth
o Opportunity to create your own avatar patch for 2 adults in your troop

New This Year!

For the 2018-2019 Cookie Program, Troops may earn an extra 5 cents per cookie package if they have 90% of their 2017-2018 members registered by September 30 (based on the number registered, so they could be reregistering or new members) OR participate in Fall Product Program. Participation isn’t difficult to achieve. We will count a troop as participating if a girl sends 15 emails, has nut orders on the order form, shares her sales link on social media, etc.

care to share

Returning This Year!

• Food Pantry Project- Girls may take $6.00 donations and can earn a special patch for their efforts. The council will order the product and deliver to food banks serving the Girl Scouts of Central Indiana area

Keep scrolling on this page to see the rest of the fun fall product patches! Collect them all! 

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2018 Fall Product Program Schedule

September 1 - The M2 site will go live.  Here are your 2018 Troop Guide and Service Unit Guide

Before Sept. 30 - Materials Distributed to Troops and girls. Girls may begin taking orders as soon as they receive materials and instruction.

October 1 - Paper order entry open in M2

October 19 - Deadline for girl orders to troop

October 19 - Deadline for parents to enter paper orders

October 21 - Deadline for troops to check all order and enter any additional paper orders not posted.

October 25 - Troop invoices for payment due posted to Payer Express

October 31 - Payment Scheduled by troop through Payer Express

November 13-15 - Product delivered to service units and distributed to troops. Date and time for troop pick up will be determined by the Service Unit Fall Product Program manager.

December 1 - All products delivered to customer by this date

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  • Go Beyond Patch

    Go Beyond Patch 
    Sell 2 magazines

  • moose

    Moose Patch
    Sell 12 nut and candy items

  • Soar Above

    Soar Above Patch
    Send 15+ emails.


  • gsci yin yang A text outlined

    Bonus Patch
    Send 15+ emails for fall program and cookie program. 
    Patch will be mailed after cookie program. 

  • care to share

    Care to Share patch
    Sell 5 food pantry project items.

  • 2018-19 Crossover Patch

    Create your very own Crossover Patch with the Me2 avatar in the Fall, Send 15 emails in the Fall, Sell 250 packages of cookies in the 2019 Cookie Program.

  • Collect them all! 

Savannah Avatar

Fall Personalized Patch:

Girls and Troop Leaders can create their own Me2 avatar
Log into:
Both troop leaders and girls have the opportunity to earn personalized patches with their Me2 likeness! To earn:

Create your Me2 avatar
Send 15 emails
Sell 4+ magazines and 20+ nut/chocolate items


Payment Options
• Payer Express (instructions to pay your troop bill)
• Process Now (credit card payments) Troops wishing to use credit cards to take in person payments for fall product should contact the product sales office at 877.474.2249 or email a product sales team member to ensure your troop is set up. Be sure to incluse your troop number.