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COVID-19 2021 safety guidelines for summer camp

We cannot wait to gather around the campfire again! Girl Scouts has nearly 100 years of experience in providing excellent, safe camps for girls, and we will do everything to make sure your camper has a great experience this year.

Camp this summer will be especially sweet, and we are making changes to keep girls safe. Camps will have reduced capacities and enhanced cleaning measures, and activities will be adapted for social distancing.

Summer is upon us and below are the adaptations to summer camp in 2021:

·    Camp numbers have been lowered to almost half capacity

·    All trip sessions and off-camp activities have been canceled

·    Check-in and check-out procedures will be changed to limit the amount of people present during these times to allow for more efficient social distancing

·     Masks will be required for all indoor activities.  Masks may be removed for outdoor activities if girls remain more than 3 feet apart.

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Before Registering for Camp

While we are preparing for the upcoming camp season with the health and safety of our campers and staff in mind, here is some valuable information to consider. No matter your decision about attending camp this summer, it's the right one for your family.

1.        There will be updated guidelines and processes at camp. These updates are detailed below and include mask wearing, social distancing, and specific changes to activities, meals, and sleeping accommodations. Make sure your camper is prepared to handle these changes and is ready to follow directions from camp staff as we will be taking these updates very seriously.

2.       Your camper will be around other campers and staff from across the council and will be in close contact with the campers and staff in her program/unit. The summer camp experience fosters valuable opportunities to meet people from different geographic areas, including other towns and states.

3.       We are preparing to use many strategies to prevent transmission of COVID-19, but we can't guarantee that your child won't come into contact with COVID-19 at camp. We are aware that some campers or family members may be at higher risk for COVID-19 complications, and we recommend that these families contact their medical provider to assess the risk of attending summer camp.

A healthy camp begins at home and requires a commitment from everyone. For the safety of our camp community, we are asking you to partner with us before checking in at camp by:

•  Wearing masks and practicing social distancing when you are outside of your household.

•  Limiting your camper's and family's contact with people outside of your household for two weeks prior to your camper's session.

•  Taking your camper's temperature daily for the week prior to your camper's session.

•  Being honest with us if your camper or someone in your household develops any COVID-19 symptoms, has exposure to COVID-19, or tests positive with COVID-19 themselves.

Campers and staff are not permitted at camp if any of the following is true:

•  They or anyone in their household has tested positive for COVID-19 in the past 14 days.

•  They have had a temperature greater than 100.4 degrees Fahrenheit in the past 14 days.

•  They have shown any COVID-19 symptoms including any chills, sore throat, new loss of taste or smell, or respiratory symptoms (cough, shortness of breath, etc.) in the past 14 days.

•  They have had known contact with a person who has COVID-19.

For everyone's health and safety, we cannot make exceptions, and we thank you in advance for your not asking our staff to do so. If any of these statements apply, please contact us as soon as possible so that we can work with your family to find the best solution and, if possible, transfer your camper to a later session.

All campers will be required to complete a health prescreening prior to camp. Details will be sent prior to your camper's session on how to complete and return the prescreening. This will include taking and recording your camper's temperature and answering health screening questions. Camp staff will follow-up with camper families who report symptoms, a fever, or exposure.


Cleaning and Sanitizations

We have made significant updates and improvements to the sanitation and overall hygiene of camp to mitigate the spread of infectious diseases. All our cleaning products are EPA / CDC approved to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

·         Cleaning and disinfecting frequently touched surfaces and common spaces multiple times daily

·         Restrooms will be cleaned multiple times daily

·         Shared items and equipment (bows, arrows, art supplies, etc.,) will be cleaned and disinfected between each use

We encourage all campers and staff to wash / sanitize their hands:

·         Upon arrival at camp and before departure

·         Before and after meals and snacks

·         Before and after every activity

·         When moving from an outside area to inside a building

·         Before and after using the bathroom and entering a bathroom / shower house

Additional hand washing / sanitizing stations are located at activity areas, in front of buildings and at cabins to facilitate good hand hygiene.

COVID Procedures

We are committed to being honest and transparent with our families, and despite our best efforts and precautions to ensure a safe experience for campers and staff, we can not 100% guarantee that COVID-19 will not affect someone at camp.

Here are steps that we will take if there is a confirmed or suspected case of COVID-19 at camp.

A case of COVID-19 affecting camp could take many different forms:

·         A camper or staff member exhibiting symptoms while at camp.

·         A camper or staff member exhibiting symptoms while at camp before testing positive after leaving camp.

·         Camp is notified that a camper or staff member or family member has tested positive for COVID-19 and were present at camp while contagious.

·         Camp is notified that a camper, staff member, or family member was in contact or near someone who has tested positive for COVID-19.


Each case will be unique, but below is a general guide to the steps we will take to ensure everyone is as safe and informed as possible:

·         Treat any symptoms or assist with the treatment

·         Isolate or assist with isolation of a camper or staff member

·         Have camper or staff members tested if necessary

·         Notify family member/guardian of any camper involved

·         Notify other camper families as appropriate

·         Notify the local health department and assist with any contact tracing

·         Deep clean and sanitize any affected areas

Based on the situation, we may also:

·         Require family members/guardians of campers to pick up their child from camp

·         Request EMT assistance if a case is severe enough, based on the advice of our healthcare staff

·         Shut down all or part of camp programming for a period of time

We hope this plan is never required, but we will be prepared for all situations.

Illness and Communicable Disease

Do not send your camper to camp if she has been exposed to a communicable disease or if she is ill.

These measures are general guidelines that will help keep everyone at camp safe and healthy. Following these guidelines will help us limit the spread of COVID-19 as much as possible.


·         Monitor your camper’s temperature for 10 days prior to their camp session starting.

·         Watch for any symptoms of COVID-19 prior to coming to camp:

o    Fever or chills

o    Shortness of breath or difficulty breathing

o    Cough

o    Fatigue

o    Muscle or body aches

o    Headache

o    New loss of taste or smell

o    Sore throat

o    Congestion or runny nose

o    Nausea or vomiting

o    Diarrhea


This is a strange time for all of us, children especially. Depending on your camper, it may be useful to discuss what camp will look like so they are prepared. Specifically, consider covering the following:

·         When they will have to wear a mask

·         Good hygiene and hand-washing practices

·         Social distancing

Camp will be fun, even with these safety measures in place!

Masks at Camp

For most outdoor activities, masks will not be required for campers and staff maintaining social distancing of 3 feet or more.

Campers and staff will be required to wear masks:

·   During check-in, unless conducted outdoors

·   In all buildings / shelters, unless actively eating or sleeping

We ask that all campers attending camp bring at least one mask for each day they are at camp.


Programs will be held outdoors as much as possible while also maintaining physical distancing.

Large group activities are currently prohibited, so traditional items such as pool parties, large campfires, and all-camps will either be canceled or conducted as small cabin groups in a large, open space.

In general, units will rotate around activities without mingling with other unit groups. Some activities will be limited based on total camper population and our normal age restrictions.