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S.T.E.M. Camps

Explore the world of science and technology at STEM Camps! You will kick your learning and FUN in to high gear with these awesome adventures.  Located throughout Indiana on some of the best college campuses, you will learn first hand from the experts while you are living like a real college student. Go ahead, find your spark!


Camp Handbook

This is your go to location for all the information and forms you will need to register for STEM camps.


 Technology Titans

Movie and Website and More-Oh My!

This camp is perfect for teens with a love for design or technology. The fast-paced, high energy environment will expose campers to web design, digital movie making, and computational thinking. Campers will walk away with basic programming skills along with digital movies and websites that they designed and built. With additional activities that include electronic invention, technology career discussions, and interactive activities to learn computer science fundamentals, campers will build an awareness of opportunities that STEM skills can open. Collaboration skills and programming techniques will be integrated throughout the camp. This workshop is for Girl Scouts who are entering grades 7, 8, 9 in the 2018-2017 academic year. No prior STEM experience is required. Campers will also enjoy swimming and other fun camp activities; snacks and lunch are provided each day! The content for this camp is powered by Codelicious TM.

Leadership and Learning Center

Session A: Mar 25-29 (Spring Break)
Session B: Jun 10-14
Session C: Jun 17-21
Session D: Jul 15-19

Contact: Kendra Nowell • 317.924.6811

From Photography to Robots
Grades: 4, 5, 6
Are you curious to learn more about STEM?
This camp will bring technology skills to life
by creating opportunities for girls to explore
digital photography, programming robots, and
computational thinking. Campers will build simple
computer games and puzzles in a safe and highenergy
environment. Fun additional components
include electronic invention, internet safety tips,
and interactive activities to learn coding theory.
Campers will earn the Programming Robots
badge, the Digital Photography Badge, and will
leverage computational thinking skills to embark
on the Think Like a Programmer Journey. Snacks
and lunch are provided each day!

Session A: Mar 25-29 (Spring Break)
Session B: Jun 10-14
Session C: Jun 17-21
Session D: Jul 15-19

Contact: Kendra Nowell • 317.924.6811

Resident Camps


Marian University Girls Exploring Medical Sciences (G.E.M.S)

Are you fascinated in biology class about how
the human body works? Do you find yourself
drawn to the Untold Stories of the ER TV show?
Then, this camp based in Marian University’s
College of Osteopathic Medicine is for you!
Learn about various medical specialties and
participate in lots of hands-on activities. Learn
how to splint a broken arm, how to evaluate
a newborn, explore how the heart works and
possibly even hold a heart specimen! Spend an
entire day learning about how medicines are
developed and produced at Eli Lilly & Co! Come
spend a week learning what it might be like to
be a medical student! You will stay on campus
in one of Marian University residence halls.
June 18-21

Grades 8, 9, 10, 11, 12. Marian University, Indianapolis

Contact Jaime Hubbard for more information 317.924.6859.

Design, Build and Program Your Robots   

Grades: 6, 7, 8
In the camp, girls scouts will earn their “Think
Like A Programmer” journey by learning how
robots work and how to design a robot. They will
also learn basics of programming and algorithms,
and to write simple programs to control a
robot and make it smart. Finally, they will have
opportunity to interact with students and
faculties in the school who work with robots and
have exposure to research robots in the school’s
research labs. Girls will stay overnight on campus
throughout the course of the camp. Having girls
experience college classrooms, labs, dining halls,
dormitories, and more is a great pathway for girls
to learn the basic concepts of college life while
making new friends.

July 8-11
Cost: $300
Indiana University
197 S. Indiana Ave, Bloomington

Contact: Kendra Nowell • 317.924.6811

Junior Journalism

Grades: 4, 5
Girl Scout Juniors Indiana University’s Media
School invites you to spend a few days this
summer to learn about the field of journalism.
Explore the beautiful Indiana University campus
while you create digital media products in our state
of the art computer labs. For the first day and a
half you will use digital cameras to take photos
and learn photography skills from our photography
faculty, earning your digital photography badge.
For the second day and a half you will learn how to
report, write and edit stories, earning your scribe
badge. Campers will role play on a real set, and
interact with camera crews and other key roles
in the world of journalism. Lastly, you will receive
an early experience of college life by living on
campus in the dorms, eating in the dining halls,
attending class, and other fun activities on

Cost: $340
June 17-20 Check In: 1 p.m.
Indiana University
197 S. Indiana Ave, Bloomington

Contact: Kendra Nowell • 317.924.6811

Journey University

Grades: 6, 7, 8, 9, 10
Are you working toward your Girl Scout Silver
or Gold Award? Do you want a quick way to get
all the prerequisites out of the way so you can
dive right into the project? Here’s your chance!
Journey University will take through a Girl Scout
journey from It’s Your Planet Love It! It’s Your
Story Tell It!, and It’s Your World Change It! Series.
Receive official council training on your Girl Scout
Silver or Gold Award and create a plan for your
Cost: $140
Jun 24-28 • 9 a.m.-4 p.m.
aMaze (Grades 6-8)
Media (Grades 6-8)
Breathe (Grades 6-8)
Mission Sisterhood (Grades: 9-10)
Girltopia (Grades: 9-10)
Sow What (Grades: 9-10)

Contact: Kendra Nowell • 317.924.6811