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Camp Ada

No one can resist beautiful Camp Ada.  Set in east central Indiana the scenery is only topped by the fun we have! Troops love spending time at Camp Ada; it's the perfect place for young troops to learn the ropes of camping in a group setting. Outdoor cooking, crafts and more are waiting for you!

Come for a day of fun at Camp Ada! We have four program dates awaiting our Girl Scouts that will be filled with earning two badges and even some outdoor cooking! We have different themes for every date, so there are lots of adventures for everyone! Experience everything Camp Ada has to offer! Whether it’s exploring the Turkey Trot Trail, finding your inner athlete on Camp Ada’s courts (basketball, tetherball, gaga or four square), or just lounging around camp, there is something for everyone!

Dates include four Saturdays (two in June and two in July)

Times: 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

Cost: $40/girl, $10/adult

How to Register

Day Use Only

Saturday, June 11: Spy Training Camp
Girls attending will earn the following badges:

Daisies: Board Game Design Challenge and STEM Career Exploration
Brownies: Senses and STEM Career Exploration
Juniors: Detective and STEM Career Exploration
Cadettes: Special Agent and STEM Career Exploration

Seniors: Truth Seeker and STEM Career ExplorationSaturday, June 25: Do It Yourself Day
Girls attending will earn the following badges:

Daisies: Shapes in Nature and Design in Nature
Brownies: Household Elf and Snacks
Juniors: Gardener and Simple Meal
Cadettes: Woodworking and New Cuisines
Seniors: Room Makeover and Locavore

Saturday, July 9: Leave No Trace Day
Girls attending will earn the follwoing badges:

Daisies: Outdoor Art Maker and Trail Adventurer
Brownies: Outdoor Art Creator and Trail Adventurer
Juniors: Outdoor Art Explorer and Trail Adventurer
Cadettes: Outdoor Art Apprentice and Trail Adventurer
Seniors: Outdoor Art Expert and Trail Adventurer
Ambassadors: Outdoor Art Master and Trail Adventurer

Saturday, July 23: To Infinity and Beyond Day
Girls attending will earn the following badges:

Daisies: Space Science Explorer and Design a Robot
Brownies: Space Science Adventurer and Designing Robots
Juniors: Space Science Investigator and Designing Robots
Cadettes: Space Science Researcher and Designing Robots
Seniors: Space Science Expert and Designing Robots
Ambassadors: Space Science Master and Designing Robots

Limited Program Assistance Grants are still available for one session of camp per girl. Grants will be awarded based on family need.

Program Assistant Grant Form


If you are interested in being on staff, applications are now being accepted. Apply here! 

Looking to reserve this camp for your next troop or service unit campout? Visit our Camp Facility Reservation page to get all the scoop!