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You may be wondering what it means for Girl Scouts now that Boy Scouts are “allowing” girls to join, and are actively trying to recruit girls in central Indiana? 

First and foremost, the idea that girls may be “allowed” to do what the boys do implies that girls can’t do certain things without boys, and that there are elements offered in Boy Scouts that aren’t available in Girl Scouts. This is simply not true.

Girl Scouts provides world-class outdoor adventure, STEM, entrepreneurship and life skills activities, in essentially every pathway that a girl may desire, including a status opportunity of a Gold Award, with criteria more rigorous than the Eagle Scout.  

Girl Scouts of Central Indiana stands firmly in our conviction that girls need girls-only opportunities designed by and for them. We will remain unapologetically girl-serving and unwavering in our task to clear up deliberately designed marketplace confusion regarding any questions about why “If a girl wants to be a scout, she should be a Girl Scout.”

To that end we need your active support as we continue to spread the message about the largest girl-serving organization, with a leadership experience designed for girls that is built on history while leading the way to meet the leadership needs of girls for tomorrow.


Confusion in central Indiana
Our community is asking
• "Are Girl Scouts and Boy Scouts the same organization?"
• "Are all scouting programs the same?"
• "Are Girl Scouts and Boy Scouts merging?"

More than half of non-scouting families think that the two organizations are the same, which means, and is being reported to us at Girl Scouts of Central Indiana that our schools and families are confused. When they learn that there is “co-ed scouting” they are mistakenly allowed to believe that the experience they will get is the same experience for their daughter as Girl Scouts. There are examples from across the country and locally of Boy Scouts communicating to schools and funders and saying that because Boy Scouts now accepts girls, they don't need to work with Girl Scouts.

This intentional approach built on the sharing of the same last name “Scouts” is what we need to work very deliberately to correct. Therefore…

Let's set the record straight:
• Girl Scouts and Boy Scouts are—and always have been—two separate organizations.
• Girl Scouts will not merge with Boy Scouts.
• Girl Scouts of Central Indiana holds a very strong position serving more than 29,000 girls in central Indiana.  

Girl Scouts of Central Indiana will continue to deliver an amazing Girl Leadership Experience, grow our membership, and let our history and success speak volumes, while actively correcting misconceptions and confusion in the market.

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Be prepared to be a mythbuster: We are hearing myths and stereotypes of Girl Scouts (things like Girl Scouts don't do adventure, which is absolutely not true!). Please take a look at the Girl Scout Mythbusters handout so you can be an advocate and educator. If you hear something that sounds off to you or hear a myth that is missing, please let us know. Send it to communications@girlscoutsindiana.org.
Share your love for Girl Scouts on social media: Follow  us on Facebook and Instagram to find several social media images you can share and let your networks know why you're proud to be a part of an organization that puts girls at the center.
Talk A LOT: Talk to your neighbors, friends, strangers and children about the power of Girl Scouts.

Thank you for being a part of a movement that is For Girls. By Girls. All Girls.


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