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       STEM Experience Center

The STEM Experience Center is a sprawling 140-acre living laboratory located in Indianapolis that provides year-round opportunities in robotics, computer coding, botany, chemistry, environmental stewardship and more. 

The case for STEM

Through research-backed programming, the STEM Experience Center will provide girls, families, students, and the community access to hands-on STEM learning in a unique outdoor camp experience increasing not only female STEM interest, but also increasing the number of STEM professionals in Indiana. 

Current experiences

The STEM Experience Center will have both guided program opportunities as well as self-guided discoveries throughout the 140 acres of Camp Dellwood. 

Current outdoor experiences include learning about the laws of physics at the archery range, understanding the science behind bicycles before gearing up, and searching for shapes that exist in nature. Current inside experiences include the science of video games, and rotating programming in our makers space and math and science center.