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All of the top 10 occupations projected to grow in Indiana through 2026 are STEM jobs, and girls have bold dreams of doing them! But not having enough resources and planning is a big barrier.

Together we can do more and do better for the girls of today who will be dynamic and brilliant leaders of the future.

Through girl-led hands-on activities and cooperative learning in Girl Scouts, more girls in central Indiana can become the leaders of tomorrow in public service, STEM spaces, and board rooms.

Juniors and Cadettes, join us for a STEM career exploration day on Dec. 10 at the Math & Science Center at Camp Dellwood.

 In Indiana, only 38% of seats of influence are held by females while 51% of the population is female. That is not ok!

One way we’re empowering every girl to find HER SEAT is through the Girl Scout Leadership Experience, where through Girl Scouting girls discover, connect and lead – with the help of supportive adults and troop leaders who help bring these three unique processes to life, girls try new things, share their full selves, and see how good it feels to lead from the heart.

In honor of International Day of the Girl, Girl Scouts of Central Indiana is announcing the promise that every girl will have Her  Seat at the Table.  A seat at  all  tables— from the college mathematics lecture hall to the manufacturing floor to the corner office to the statehouse chamber—wherever  they  dream of making great discoveries, provoking thought, creating innovative tech, or changing the world.

She’s been underrepresented for far too long, and Girl Scouts of Central Indiana will provide every opportunity and every tool necessary for her to find her voice and HER SEAT.  Stay tuned for all the ways Girl Scouts of Central Indiana is going to make this world, one seat at a time, here in Indiana, a better place for females through our “HER SEAT” promise.

Check back often to learn more!