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Especially for Parents and Caregivers

While Girl Scouts may be new to you, for over a century we have been the premier organization focusing on nurturing and developing leaderhip skills in girls. We are super excited to present our new Parent page. New content and the information to get you up to speed will be coming soon!

We are thrilled that you and your daughter have chosen Girl Scouts. We can't wait for all the fun you will have. From hiking to coding to pottery, Girl Scouts has it all. Plus you will be amazed watching how much our program helps her grow.

A positive Girl Scout experience depends on three key groups of people: Girl Scouts of Central Indiana, the troop volunteers and her family.

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What to expect of Girl Scouts of Central Indiana
  • Support for your troop
  • Offer opportunities to develop leadership, life, and entrepreneurship skills
  • Host outstanding STEM and outdoor adventures
  • Send you an annual assessment survey to provide feedback of your girl's experience
  • Follow the Girl Scout Promise and Law
What to expect of your troop leader
  • Create an inclusive, safe environment where girls and families feel welcome
  • Provide structured meetings and activities that allow girls to thrive and develop leadership skills
  • Serve as a positive role model
  • Communicate clearly with both girls and adults regarding the activities, meetings, and needs
  • Follow the Girl Scout Promise and Law
What Girl Scouts expects of you and your daughter
  • Be on time! Make sure your Girl Scout attends regularly, and plan to arrive 10 minutes before the meetings end.
  • Contact your troop leaders if your daughter is going to miss a meeting.
  • Support your daughter in this new venture. Encourage her to take risks and actively participate.
  • Be respectful that your troop leader is a volunteer who is giving his/her time and talents for the girls.
  • Follow the Girl Scout Promise and Law.
Frequently Asked Questions

Can parents also be volunteers?
Absolutely! It’s important for you to be involved so that your girl gets as much out of Girl Scouts as possible. We can always use your help at meetings, on trips, at the cookie booth, or wherever works for you and your schedule. Did we mention how much fun you’ll have?

How much time can I commit as a volunteering parent?
You can commit as much or as little time as your schedule allows. Spending high-quality time with your daughter and other Girl Scouts is a fulfilling experience for everyone—and any time you spend participating will have a positive effect.

My schedule is packed—can I still participate?
You don’t necessarily have to volunteer to participate—you can participate one-on-one with your girl. Help shape her Girl Scout experience, and ask questions about what she’s learning. Give her the support she needs to make her time in Girl Scouts the best it can be.

How else does my involvement make a difference?
Many parents tell us that their relationship with their daughter has deepened since participating in Girl Scouts. Bonding over good times and shared experiences is a win-win for everyone.

When can I join as a volunteer?
Why not today? We’re always looking for volunteers, whether it’s during the school year, over summer break, or any time in between.

Additional Resources for Parents and Caregivers

Throughout our website we have several sections that may be helpful for you as a parent/caregiver. The list below provides links to additional information. 

GSCI Alum Network
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Uniforms and Insignia Placement


Ways to support our council

There are numerous ways girls and families can support the council. Read more about these options in our Support section. 

We encourage you to be involved in this exciting adventure with your Girl Scout. Studies show that girls who have family support and participation in their Girl Scout experience are more likely to stay in Girl Scouts.

To learn more about your families' role in Girl Scouts watch this short video. Feel free to complete the Parent/Caregiver Involvement form and give to your new leader.

Soon you will be hearing from your troop leader, inviting you and your daughter to a meeting. If your troop is new, this may take a little longer as leaders must complete their background checks and initial training before troop meetings begin. If it has been 14 days since you joined Girl Scouts, and you have not been contacted, please call 317.924.6800.  Our website also offers online chat during regular business hours. You can access it through the homepage icon. 

We hope you and your Girl Scout have a wonderful year of Girl Scouts with many memories. We are a phone call or email away if you need us. Again, thank you for allowing us to serve your Girl Scout. 


Girl Scouts truly makes a difference in the life of a girl. Read how one group of GSCI alum, have stayed connected and stayed true to their Girl Scout roots.


Get everything a Girl Scout needs.