Camp Na Wa Kwa

Camp Na Wa Kwa consists of 259 acres of large open areas and woods in Clay County near Poland, IN. The camp is located approximately 28 miles southeast of Terre Haute and approximately 55.5 miles west of the Indianapolis service center.

Camp Na Wa Kwa offerings

Hise-Clark Program Center:  Two dorms that sleep 10 each (bunkbeds). Both dorms have restrooms and showers.  Dorm room #1 includes a handicapped accessible toilet/stall. The building also includes a large gathering room that can seat 50 to 75 people w/tables and chairs. Kitchen: sink, dishwasher, electric stove/oven, refrigerator, microwave, cabinets, and counter. (Some pots, pans, and dishes are also provided). There is an infirmary that has 4 individual rooms (2 beds in each) and its own bathroom with shower/tub. There is also an office and supervisor sleeping arrangements (for 3-4 people) in this building and an extra bedroom that sleeps 4.

Conley Lodge Dining Hall: Seats approximately 100-120 people at tables and chairs with a full industrial kitchen (microwave, sinks, gas stove/grill, and walk-in cooler). There is also a charcoal grill located outside the building. The building may be used for sleeping (up to 50 people on mattresses on the floor; troops/groups must provide their own mattresses). Please give notice if mattresses need to be moved there. The restrooms are connected to the building, but you have to walk outside to use them—there are two. The restrooms have one toilet and one sink each. The building overlooks the lake and is open year-round with heat for the winter and air conditioning for the summer.

Tent/cabin/yurt camping units: Fire rings with sitting logs, latrines for 4 people, hand washing stations (all city water), 2 dutch ovens, small cooksets,  brooms, shovels and rakes. Kitchen shelter: 2 cabinets with a counter across the top, 4 picnic tables, fire extinguisher, fire bucket, supply kit with paper towels, toilet paper. No electricity.

  • Deerpath camping unit (sleeps 32 people): Has 8 cabins that sleeps 4 each on cots w/mattresses. Ramps to the cabins provide easy access.
  • Americana camping unit (sleeps 32 people): Has 8 platform tents (6 tents, 2 wood cabins that sleep 4 each on cots w/mattresses).
  • Trailblazer camping unit (sleeps 32 people): Has 8 platform tents that sleeps 4 each on cots w/mattresses.
  • Voyager camping unit (sleeps 28 people): Has 2 platform tents (sleep 4 each on cots/mattresses), 2 yurts (sleeps 10 each on bunk beds with mattresses). There is also a 30 ft. x 30 ft. empty platform.
  • Pioneer camping unit (sleeps 32 people): Has 8 platform tents that sleeps 4 each cots w/mattresses.

Primitive camping site:  Available year-round.  Can accommodate 10-15 tents (20 to 30 people), includes fire ring and water. No electricity.

The Towhee Nature Nook/Arts and Crafts Center: Available to complete crafts or use the nature exhibits for educational purposes. This facility includes a program room/craft area with tables, chairs, and electricity.

Ampitheater: A beautiful, outdoor amphitheater seats approximately 300 people and has a large stage area, lighting, and two dressing rooms.