Camp Dellwood

Camp Dellwood consists of 141 acres in western Marion County (Wayne Township) and is located approximately 10 miles west of downtown Indianapolis. It is readily accessible from Interstate 465 for Girl Scouts throughout the Council jurisdiction.

Camp Dellwood offerings

Cabin units (Chalet, Mender, Program Center) Not available in June and July.
These winterized buildings are available for year-round use (excluding June and July) at Dellwood. They have fully equipped kitchens, gas furnaces, electricity, and indoor washrooms with modern toilet and shower facilities.

Chalet: Two main activity rooms equipped with 36 mattresses (no cots), tables, benches, and a fireplace. Kitchen: gas range/oven, triple sink with hot/cold running water, a worktable, refrigerator/ freezer, and storage cabinets. Sanitary facility: 2 modern toilets and 2 showers. A fire bowl with grate is located nearby. 

Mender: Activity room with 10 cots and mattresses, a small bedroom with 2 cots and mattresses, tables and benches, and a fireplace. 

Kitchen: Gas range/oven, refrigerator with freezer, triple sink with hot/cold running water, and storage cabinets. Sanitary facility:  single shower/modern toilet. A fire bowl with grate is located behind the cabin.

Program center: Two dormitory wings each with 10 bunk beds w/mattresses, tables and chairs, electric range w/oven, microwave, refrigerator/freezer, double sink with hot/cold running water, cabinets, and small counter area. Sanitary facility: each wing has a washroom with shower and modern toilet (unit #1 washroom includes a handicapped accessible toilet). A fire bowl is located outside each dormitory wing of the building. In addition to the 2 dormitories, troops/groups using the Program Center also have access to a large activity room with tables and chairs and fireplace. Adjacent to the activity room is the main kitchen, which includes gas range/oven, microwave, refrigerator, triple sink with hot/cold running water, and counter area.

Platform tent units (Pinewood, Romany, Woodland, Sleepy Hollow, Rotherwood, Innisfree) Available April, May, and August through October.
Each unit has 9 raised wooden platforms with canvas tents; (Rotherwood only has 6 platform tents) each tent contains 4 cots with mattresses. A shelter house completely screened and equipped with a fireplace, tables, benches, a double burner propane stove, and a patrol box is located in each tent unit area. A fire bowl and large grate is located by each unit. Hand washing facilities are cold running water and basin. Sanitary facility is an enclosed partitioned pit latrine.

Primitive camp: Available April, May and August through October.
A fire bowl, grate, and water are provided at each site. Sanitary facilities are partitioned pit latrines or port-a-pots. Two-person tents are available for reservation through the Girl Scout service center, or groups may provide their own camping equipment.

Lodge: Available April, May and August through October.
Large barn-like building containing an institutional kitchen with cafeteria serving area, tables and benches seating for up to 150 people. The building is not winterized but has a large, stone fireplace. Recommended uses include:  square dances, service unit programs, indoor group programs.

Ampitheater: An outdoor arena (no electricity, water, or stage) located at the camp. Troops and service units may use this theater for large group productions, campfires, meetings, and recognition events. (Seating for up to 200 people.)