Capital Campaign

Campaign to build women leaders

What’s our challenge?

Only one in five girls believes she has what it takes to lead. Girls highly idealize leadership qualities and skills like being talented, caring, honest, hardworking, and confident, but they don’t see themselves equally represented in leadership positions. Our organization needs thousands of highly effective adult volunteers who are prepared to lead the next generation of women leaders.

Adult volunteers need a centralized facility to gather for learning opportunities, meaningful collaboration, and to share resources. We need a place of our own to support the adults who are dedicated to inspiring girls’ lives.

The solution

Camp Dellwood will be transformed to become the premier leadership and learning experience for women who are passionate about improving girls’ lives.
We plan to build a Leadership and Learning Center that will provide:

  • a safe, central environment for volunteer learning opportunities and large collaborations
  • modern technology for adult learning

The Leadership and Learning Center will be the home that volunteers have dreamed of for many years. It will develop a new cadre of women leaders, allow volunteers from across Indiana to share ideas about the attributes of leadership, while reinforcing that equity and equality are critical to developing the future workforce in Indiana.

The center will include:

  • technology and resource center
  • substantial space for volunteer collaboration and education
  • program/camp services
  • health and wellness offerings
  • administrative offices
  • Girl Scout cookie distribution area
  • Girl Scout store


The cost

Projected costs for building, furnishings, and equipment are $6 million, with plans to start construction in 2014.
Architectural designs will complement the existing physical setting of the campus and reflect environmental design practices.
Camp Dellwood is currently used annually by 12,000 girls and adults for:

  • Girl Scout summer day camp
  • troop events throughout the year
  • Math and Science Center activities

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For more information, contact Charlitta Winston, capital campaign manager, at or 317.924.6838.

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