What Girl Scouts Do

What did you do today?

Did you have an amazing adventure? A life changing experience? Did you enjoy non-stop fun? Girl Scouts offers endless ways to turn boring days into days you’ll remember all your life. If you can think it, chances are you can do it.

Think it’s a full year commitment? Think again. There are so many flexible pathways to participate. Spend a week learning to surf or sail. Go to Space Camp. Travel abroad. Build a home for the homeless. There are lots of paths to take. And lots of great friends to meet.

The experience can be as individual as you are. Which road will you go down? Choose one or choose them all.

That’s what's cool about Girl Scouts... there's more than one way to participate!

Girl Scout grade levels

Girl Scout Daisy l Grades K - 1
Girl Scout Brownie l Grades 2 - 3
Girl Scout Junior  l Grades 4 - 5
Girl Scout Cadette l Grades 6 - 8
Girl Scout Senior l Grades 9 - 10
Girl Scout Ambassador l Grades 11 – 12